Funny Video , Dora the Explorer Christmas Video Review Mike Mozart @JeepersMedia

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Funny Video of the Fail Toys Dora the Explorer Aquapet Appears in Another Funny lol video! The Epic Failure Toy Dora the Explorer Aquapet product for Christmas! A Funny Christmas Video card to send! CLICK HERE TO SEND AS A VIDEO GREETING CARD! Another funny toy product review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on You Tube Check out my Funny lol Videos: Funny Video

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. alexcunha41
    | Reply

    if u dont like da toys,why do u by them?

  2. DreamgirlRenuki
    | Reply

    that looks like a butt and penis combo! good show good show

  3. TheKingGeorge54
    | Reply

    There’s even a BIG D on it

  4. TheWitchking75
    | Reply

    Wow!! Im buyin one for my girlfiend! Now she can leave it out without the kids asking any uncomfortable questions!

  5. bonezillion
    | Reply

    Wow…I see Dora is really empowering “exploring” in young girls these days.

  6. SuperHabboPerson
    | Reply

    dick + ball =….dora auqa pet lol

  7. LandSquirrels
    | Reply


  8. compudergirl1
    | Reply

    stocking stuffer 4 mom or messed up dad

  9. MrDevil2000
    | Reply


  10. stormlion01
    | Reply


  11. KoolKid5830
    | Reply

    D is for Dick!!

  12. Richardmarxfan15
    | Reply

    I had a spongebob one their freakin annoying they beep all the time

  13. Matty5122
    | Reply

    I’m don’t think a santa hat is proper protection. LOL

  14. RastanWins
    | Reply

    i heard she liked SEA-men HA-HA

  15. JacksVendeta
    | Reply

    I think moms would play with the aqua pet more than their kids

  16. Snumachu
    | Reply

    I had 8 aquapets and I just recently threw them out, I never noticed the shapes. Wow xD

  17. bobbm11
    | Reply

    i bet the little girls not the only one using it

  18. EpicKill55
    | Reply

    lol i had one too

  19. thesecretfox1
    | Reply

    My cousin got this for christmas a few years back. I was laughing my ass off when she took it out of the stocking.

  20. gummiebear2020
    | Reply

    LOL The Shape and the Capital D llol

  21. JonnyVampyre
    | Reply

    My mom has that. Enough said.

  22. Thebutterdreamer
    | Reply

    oh my god! dora is drowning!! YES!!! FINALLY!

  23. RedPaganPunk
    | Reply

    No RHCP jokes, they’re awesome!

  24. 102Help
    | Reply

    eww, whats she exploring?!?

  25. Dinahhs3
    | Reply

    this is soooo sick
    this vid should be deleted
    sick sick sick

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