FUNNY Swearing Parrot: Romeo African Grey *BEST video” part 1

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

romeo by himself talking n cursing throughout the video. He says things like F**k, see ya later, call yourself a lawyer?! (fwd to 2:58), Big Guido, you’re such a pretty bird, good boy, I love you, home telephone busy sounds, knocking the door sound and answers (fwd to 9:10), and answers the phone in different voices and repeats conversations he’s heard. He also plays whistling games. He makes a certain whistle and if you repeat it he continually comes up with more elaborate whistles that we can’t do and laughs after he stumps you.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. miseli95
    | Reply

    thats it im getting a parrot 😛

  2. factionguy1
    | Reply

    my gf has an african gray and she swears when im over XDDD i love parrots XD

  3. velise86
    | Reply

    omg , this is too cute !

  4. MrAcg0911
    | Reply

    What type of bird is this?

  5. jdgarwood66
    | Reply

    awesome bird I want him.

  6. ssweetthang0518
    | Reply

    i think that is so cute exspecially when he makes the kissing sound

  7. xAmyStensonx
    | Reply

    @MrAcg0911 Erm let me think an african grey DER it says it in the title why dont you look instead of being lazy STUPID!

  8. sherrieblossom
    | Reply

    @Idej44 Congrats! You should do a video of him talking 😀

  9. Andrew069780
    | Reply

    fucker, lmao fuck hes good..

  10. RoastedRooster69
    | Reply

    I wanna have sex with this bird.

  11. MrBigdaddy789
    | Reply

    this bird is so effin cool but i heard that parrot are hella expensive!
    and also i dont want to be kept up all night!

  12. porsche403
    | Reply


  13. ZGxBaby
    | Reply

    @MrAcg0911 its in the title… lol 😉

  14. MrKillswitch1698
    | Reply

    I only thought of old spice a lil’ bit at 8:47 :p

  15. ryandon111qwe
    | Reply

    LMAO SO RANDOM “come here, come here, GAY, GAY!” pmsl 😀

  16. thexblackxxxmombax
    | Reply

    someone is pissing at 7:43

  17. DJAdept
    | Reply

    0:02 – Romeo has signed in…

  18. DsAngel1211
    | Reply

    @Idej44 lol oh yea they can say almost anything, I only have a quaker parrot and he has surprised me with some of the things he has picked up.

  19. lote1234567891011
    | Reply


  20. Professerzorak
    | Reply

    @DsAngel1211 So true…once someone brought a parrot to my school that made the sound of a microwave dinging

  21. Ninja4lifeme
    | Reply

    I used to have a parrot but it died at the age of 3 and the store said it would live up to 50 years -_-

  22. ArzelAngeloEsteban
    | Reply

    of course its black no racial

  23. busascotty
    | Reply

    Haha at 8:47 it sounds very similar to the old spice commercial tune

  24. busascotty
    | Reply

    Haha at 8:47 it sounds very similar to the old spice commercial tune

  25. Amber11178
    | Reply

    u should teach him to say RED ROBIN…… YUMM LOL

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