Funny Pet Peeves: Can’t Love Every Cat – Wedded Blisstor Series – episode 9

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description These funny animated movie shorts show that marriage is bliss, but they capture the fact that couples can get blisters along the way. In this episode, the couple has a discussion over funny pet peeves that focuses on funny pet definitions and what defines a dog. The results are a funny pet peeve discussion. This funny pet discussion has a comedic bit about little dogs verses big dogs. The funny pet debate includes a discussion about walking, an attack by a playful kitty and a vet visit – the end result is a funny pet video. It also allows you to laugh at a funny dog that chews through the funny husband’s Star Wars action figures and Batman collectible comic – ultimately funny pet laughs follow. Who knew that pet disagreements could be so funny? Who knew that dog-damaged property could be so funny? Who knew that Batman, Star Wars and Lady Gaga could all add laughs to a funny pet animated movie. The fact is that this funny pet peeve video is worth watching. If you’ve ever owned a funny dog or funny pet you may have experienced a similar type of talk but nothing as funny as the funny pet debate in this animated short. It should be noted that no animals were injured during the creation of this funny television war. Laughter is guaranteed from this funny pet peeves video.

What do you think?

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  1. BlakiepooTube
    | Reply

    There’s nothing about “Can’t Hug Every Cat” in this. You’re just mooching attention from something that deserves it. How pathetic of you.

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