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YouTube Description

A few funny dog clips. Music: Finger Eleven – Paralyzer

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27 Responses

  1. Thehoodoo7780
    | Reply

    107 people are cat people

    | Reply


  3. JohnsMateLCS
    | Reply

    Please Checkout “My dog loves listening to “River Flows in you” Here-
    Thumbs up so people can see this !

  4. Undreanna
    | Reply

    Do u know the name of the song

  5. randomgirls220
    | Reply


  6. randomgirls220
    | Reply

    no paralized

  7. TorySaylor96
    | Reply

    107 people have cats………

  8. josefskate
    | Reply

    Make sure you mute !

  9. OcchiDaFata
    | Reply

    LMFAO @ 0:39 best vid ever 😀

  10. LuminousInk
    | Reply

    Dogs rule!

  11. 4132866
    | Reply

    I clicked your video… then immedietely regreted it when I read finger eleven

  12. Kayun91
    | Reply

    LOL I couldnt stop laughing the whole time! I only wished the video was ebtter quality

  13. sHoRtYy257
    | Reply

    dick head these are outa american funniest videos

  14. iSelenat0r
    | Reply

    Laughed the whole time just wish there was more clips lol :D

  15. niamh11111
    | Reply

    ahahaha dog out the window 😀

  16. zhouhaozqq123
    | Reply


  17. bortelliM
    | Reply

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  18. MaUcHoMaN16
    | Reply

    Check out MaUcHoMaN16

  19. CodyCullen0247
    | Reply

    Thumbs up if u didnt stop laughin and wished there was more

  20. TheSpringbloom
    | Reply


    Twilight Victim and he cheap shot me.

    pretty funny videos!!

  21. Hawkpath101
    | Reply

    Real Title: Videos of dogs that have been overused. (Unfitting music. ) :P

  22. mufasita6
    | Reply

    Why would you put this song with this video? :S I like the song but…wtf does it have to do with the video?

  23. IlluminationFB
    | Reply


  24. zeroblisters
    | Reply

    Video: good
    Audio: GAY

  25. Lazyier123
    | Reply

    Tactical mute incoming!

  26. Dan Voss
    | Reply

    I put my speakers on mute.

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