Funny cats (Home videos)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Funny cat video montage. I filmed everything over several years. Shows 10 different cats in dozens of funny and cute clips! Enjoy! Audio from Kinder Atom. Song – Japan Cakes.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. 90ycm
    | Reply

    i hav a black cat and an orange cat that act just like that

  2. awesomeness602
    | Reply

    I’m scared because my dog has done many of those things I don’t think he’s ever seen a cat before

  3. thedonutboy21
    | Reply

    0:23 A cat the morning after

  4. phil2856
    | Reply

    Cats Rule!

  5. homercrazygmodcss1
    | Reply

    were did you get the one with the ring tail

  6. BrokenArcade
    | Reply

    Is it just me, or do all black cats have green eyes? O_O

  7. silver898911
    | Reply

    My friend has a cat who drinks out of the toilet! One day we heard a SPLOOSH! and a soaking cat came charging down the hall. XD great clips! lakied and faved!

  8. MsAshley256
    | Reply

    it so cute

    | Reply

    0:29-0:35 thats what my cat does when he sees a bug.

  10. liukin95
    | Reply

    My cat brings in dead birds, mice and frogs :/

  11. starfaye12
    | Reply

    my cat brings in that too!!! it’s like here you go are you gonna give me something for bringing this glory to ya???!! :/

  12. Rainfaceify
    | Reply

    3:56 we have 3 cats and that has never happened to them before

  13. zombiehunter4life
    | Reply

    at 1:09 a wtf boom would really fit it

  14. murmelish1
    | Reply

    I bet my tiger cat would’ve beaten your up 🙂 watch?v=j9IvZkm3jys

  15. nightworld121
    | Reply

    0:38, oh no…

  16. rachlropp1
    | Reply

    @BrokenArcade mine has bright yellow

  17. BrokenArcade
    | Reply

    @rachlropp1 Really? THAT’S SWEET! xDD

  18. cpreallyrules
    | Reply

    ravenpaw is there!

  19. Saence
    | Reply

    Your orange tabby looks just like yours!

  20. DKB9951
    | Reply


  21. babolatkiwi
    | Reply

    How many cats do you have?

  22. NoFuture4All
    | Reply

    At 0:37…Mission complete!

  23. catzrule136
    | Reply

    i have an orange tabby too 🙂 but its smaller

  24. chibudgielvr
    | Reply

    @babolatkiwi Three 😀

  25. NarcoTerrorismos
    | Reply

    1:35 Bananna Cat!

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