Funny cat vs. Funny dog – Love each other?

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn More at: Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs. Who’s the Tolerant one? Best Dog and Cat Video Footage – “Wait til’ the End for the Cat look” – Chance Buell’s great pets! Comedy. Funny Cat and Crazy Dog.

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. dragonlion5161
    | Reply

    lol that reminds me of when you go to the bars and some guy is trying to hit on you and you’re like “Look man I just came down here for a drink” and he keeps harrassing you lol yeah i feel like the cat lol.

  2. optimisery1
    | Reply

    Lol great Video, Cats always win!

  3. febkids
    | Reply


  4. ilovepuppies231
    | Reply

    That cats like i got a boy friend so stop it u dumb fu ck lolz keep it up xD

  5. gamemasteranyday99
    | Reply

    dog: cmon baby just a little touch.
    cat: no! …. get away from me!
    dog: baby dnt be that way.

  6. cutiepetoodee
    | Reply

    @gamemasteranyday99 LOL! XD Thank you, that gave me a laugh!

  7. tango909
    | Reply

    I’m sorry but they don’t love each over !!! the cat can’t stand the stupid dog !!!!

  8. tango909
    | Reply

    I’m sorry but they don’t love each over !!! the cat can’t stand the stupid dog !!!!

  9. HyperCyberFluf
    | Reply

    hahahaha To be fair ive gotta give it up to the cat… the poor thing is having its ear gnawed off, pushing the dog away or clawing him is the last thing id do haha

  10. Namipam
    | Reply

    they don’t love each other. the cat hates the dog

  11. Gamercrazygirl2468
    | Reply

    lol the cats like “GO AWAY! I don’t LIKE you!” lolz

  12. lovemycountryal
    | Reply

    Ok but the poor cat seems annoyed to say the least. The dog is way bigger and the cat is complaining. I felt sorry for the cat 🙁

  13. londera2
    | Reply

    This is exactly what my cat and dog do! It is so cute! I recently videoed my dog trying to express his love for my cat. Check it out!

  14. bunnypink14
    | Reply

    very very very very very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. psychee1
    | Reply

    Aww, c’mon baby 🙂 Dun be like dat.

  16. tasmine6
    | Reply

    Cat was like, get the eff off me 🙂 haha

  17. MrAdidasinBlack1
    | Reply

    The cat says no means no but if the dog had cat treats in his pocket she’d say
    yes yes. LOL

  18. keri2004
    | Reply

    a bit of a love hate relationship i think!

  19. Dragonslayed1999
    | Reply

    what an evil cat !!!

  20. jlbaker2000
    | Reply

    and here i thought the dog was getting on one knee to propose

  21. SantaxXxClaus
    | Reply

    whats the name of this song ?

  22. devilmaycry123and4
    | Reply

    hahaha the ending is awesome

  23. maddog2314
    | Reply

    lol an ad for this is the new “sheep breeding” feature on farmville: english countryside

  24. 2079423644
    | Reply

    When pets are bored…

  25. tosendprashan
    | Reply

    cats are so proud like girls

  26. Velvet
    | Reply

    Beautiful video! I love it!

  27. Ashley
    | Reply

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