Frisco’s funny angry pissed off Greek Honkin Dog Mana Moo manna moo dog honking horn

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Frisco’s Carhops diner funny angry pissed off Greek Honkin Dog Mana Moo facebook joanne frisco’s stathoulis mana moo is married to koukla moo

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  1. takiskokotas says:

    Dont be so stupid,the window is cracked open,they are there with him,he is not alone. The video is just for fun to show you how funny he is.What is so IDOTIC about that?

  2. TheFriscoscarhops says:

    Hi,the window was cracked open,it was a cold day and he was just put in the truck less than a minute,we were getting ready to leave.We just wanted to share this video because he has a real funny personality and makes us all laugh.

  3. edwardpigchow says:

    You don’t have to answer to all the dumb people with dumb questions. they’re just trollin. :D

  4. I hope my cat doesn’t get jealous but man do I love that dog…!!!

  5. TheFriscoscarhops says:

    Thanks Edward


  7. 叩いて止めさせろよww

  8. 平和だね

  9. 面白がってんだろこの犬w

  10. TheFriscoscarhops says:

    Respond to this video…
    If you like this video,watch Mana Moo at trader Joe’s on youtube
    Frisco’s Carhops diner funny angry pissed off Greek Honkin Dog Mana Moo
    at trader Joe’s parking lot.It is really funny.

  11. YellowJacket1981 says:

    I love it!!

  12. … and on that special day, the vuvuzela was invented… and ruined the world cup.

  13. why is there a dog in a food delivery truck?!!! EWW :P

  14. lifes2short4aname says:

    why is it wearing a cross?

  15. TheFriscoscarhops says:


    Because he is a Christian

  16. FRISCOS DOT com ^^

  17. does the owner know that dogs don’t speak english? When they were yelling “stop it” over and over again even if the dog could hear it would have had no idea what the owner was talking about. Most dogs think of stop it as “I’m about to get in trouble”, they lack the ability to connect the reason for why they are going to get in trouble. But the action of recoil some dogs show when they hear stop it gives many owners the false impression that the dog knows what they are saying.

  18. thetickleninjas says:

    #LOL He is wasting the battery

  19. “Stop it!”
    *stops honking and looks at the her*
    *starts honking with vengeance*

    I loved it ^^

  20. @Yamazon3 actually a dog is far more intelligent than that, or at least that’s what the vet says. ^^

  21. kingdrake2 says:

    10 people who disliked it will suffer the torment of that dog honking their horn over and over again.

  22. DebbyLeo85 says:

    Dogs die in hot cars – it is probably trying to attract attention! A dog can die of heatstroke within 30 minutes on a hot (or even slightly warm) day!!!

  23. SPOOKSTR says:

    How the hell did i end up here?

  24. Kayla06091 says:


  25. Spiritonfilm says:

    if that dog is pissed off i wonder what he looks like when he’s happy?!

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