Frida and Yoda ferrets bonding in 4 days

It took Frida and Yoda 4 days to become friends!
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I am a smiling, loving and cheerful person who loves music and animals above everything. Even though I study civil engineering, my true passion lies in an animal kingdom, more accurate with ferrets. I have a ferret for 4 years, but I am learning and exploring those astonishing creatures for 6 or more years. I created my Friendly ferret blog 3 years ago because I wanted to show to the world that ferrets are really good pets. Today, I have more goals:
1. Make ferrets even more popular
2. Encourage and educate people who want ferrets to buy or adopt older ferrets
3. Design and create products for ferrets and their owners


SNAPCHAT: friendly_ferret


Check out our Friendly Ferret website where you can find interesting and educational materials for all ferret lovers and products for ferrets and their owners.


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12 Responses

  1. Christian9969
    | Reply

    Cage really small

  2. SliwyKina
    | Reply

    First time i see your videos, i was looking for videos of ferret meeting for the first time (to show my friend how they interact, react etc.)
    I'm glad i found your channel and i'm totally suscribing to see more ferret video ! :3

  3. who cares
    | Reply

    I just adopted my ferret and he has been alone all his life (he is 3 years old), will it be harder to bond him with another ferret because he was alone? I really want to get adopt a ferret at my local shelter but I'm new to ferret bonding. If you could reply it would really help!! :)) 😄

  4. Sister Mckenzie
    | Reply

    I have had 10 ferrets over a span of 25 years and never had a problem bonding them – I know there are always the exceptions but in my experience ferrets are the most social of creatures and really need at least one other of their kind

  5. clackschickens
    | Reply

    This is so informative, thank you for posting these! You seem to have such a good energy with them too the way you only interfere when necessary. Good to let them do their thing, ferrets are so smart 🙂

  6. Cupcake Swirl
    | Reply

    I love your videos

  7. erod erod
    | Reply


  8. Zethina
    | Reply

    Is it difficult for them to play on wood flooring? I always wondered. I've always lived with carpet so I wouldn't know, but just curious

  9. A Ferret's Novel Tale
    | Reply

    Yay way to go! Frida will always be boss I knew they would become friends. Great job on your part. Frida eating chicken yet? There nothing better than watching ferrets play

  10. TrillBill
    | Reply

    Glad to see Frida and Yoda bonding well!

  11. _.outrageous Panda._
    | Reply

    I say that in like all of your videos!

  12. _.outrageous Panda._
    | Reply

    they are so cute

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