Food for Your Little Angels

Food for Your Little Angels

By John Mulder

Cat lovers the world over have become increasingly disillusioned with the pet food industry. Poor quality food masquerading as balanced diets and expensive brands promising superior nutrition, yet leaving out vital ingredients to provide yet another “solution” product, have lead many to see through the marketing doublespeak and realise that profit, not their pets good health, is the manufacturers main concern.

The exposure of certain manufacturers’ total disregard for the rights and dignity of companion animals in their testing facilities, has been highlighted by undercover investigations. These investigations have revealed the appalling conditions and ongoing unnecessary and cruel testing perpetrated in the name of science, but aimed at providing yet another marketing angle to sell their products.

John and Susan Mulder of Noordhoek decided to go against the grain and have formed Anges De Gardien Nutrition to manufacture and develop, truly balanced all-in-one feline nutritional products. A core policy is that no painful, inhumane or unnecessary animal testing be performed on any any of their food.

Following 9 months of extensive research and after consulting with veterinarians and one of South Africa’s leading animal scientists, they discovered that it was indeed possible to formulate a food that has all the ingredients to help with the prevention of the most commonly experienced ailments and problems in cats.

So what makes this new food so different?

Well, firstly you need to understand the approach taken by the various brands. The cheaper economy food manufacturers do their best to meet the minimum requirements laid down by law. This allows them to label their products in such a way that the consumer believes that they are getting a quality product for their pets.

The premium brands have gone the route of segmenting their products. This is done by age, breed or ailment. You, the consumer are therefore lead, through skilful advertising, to the conclusion that you require different foods on an ongoing basis.

This begs the question. If the premium food is advertised as balanced, then why do they leave out certain vital ingredients or allow higher than necessary levels of others, that result in your pet requiring a “special” advanced food to solve, for example, a hairball problem?

It came as no surprise, that it is quite possible to combine ingredients for hairballs, renal health, digestive tract health and cardiac and eye site health into one truly balanced diet. This leads us to the conclusion that the manufacturers either knowingly or unknowingly are damaging the health of our pets in the pursuit of greater profits.

The “Petit Anges Luxury Adult Feline Nutrition” is the first product available locally that includes all the ingredients necessary to achieve a truly balanced, all-in-one diet. It is unnecessary to purchase different foods to address common problems, especially if you have more than one cat.

As lifelong cat owners, John and Susan believe strongly in showing respect and care for their animals. We are all entrusted with the responsibility to look after our animals to the best of our ability. The best way to do this is to learn to read the labels on the products you purchase. If in doubt, consult you vet.

Susan also hopes to encourage the pet food industry to follow Anges De Gardien’s example by utilising more environmentally friendly packaging. She has gone to great lengths to ensure that all their packaging is made from at least 80% recycled material and that the inks used are lead free.

Find out more about our pet food and how it can help your cats and dogs live longer, healthier lives.

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