Foal Halter Training When halter training foals start within the first few days. It is much easier at this point than when the foal gets to be months old. Watch Kelly and see how easy this process is. A little work everyday makes the process very easy. Thank you kindly for watching.

We have created 3 Video Packages for Young Horse Handling. Foals (6 videos), Weanlings (12 videos), and Yearlings (14 videos). Each of these videos shows actual youngsters in training and their training sessions. We take you through the entire training process with youngsters at each age that have never been handled. Visit for more information.

For further videos to train your horses please visit: there you will receive more information on:

Silence Speaks More Online Horse Training Mastery Academy

This is truly a unique Monthly Membership Site. We don’t just take you through the steps at each training level. We show you actual horses that are in training and the steps they actually go through. Each area has multiple horses videoed. No two horses are alike and we will show you how different horses move through the different steps of the training process.

We have training sections for new born foals all the way up the the finished horse.

The “Owners Questions” section of the membership site is an area that shows videos we have made in response to different questions we have received. We will do our best to find a horse in a similar situation and video how we overcome the same problem.

For the cost of 1 Riding Lesson a month ($49.95) you will receive access to over 50 videos taking youngsters and older horses through the training process. More Videos will be added weekly to this Academy.

We truly feel our Membership Site is unique and if you don’t agree within the first 30 days we will refund your entire first months membership fee – no questions asked.

for more information on this truly unique Horse Training Membership Site

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29 Responses

  1. Indian Rose
    | Reply

    Mama is not a happy camper

  2. carol mckeowen
    | Reply

    Thats a headstall .not a halter .

  3. Old School
    | Reply

    We always started at 3 or 4 days old.

  4. Ready To Go
    | Reply

    Love your quiet gentleness with both the mare and the foal. That alone spoke volumes. I hope people learn from your wonderful technique, attitude, and general way of being quietly, calmly in the moment. You’re forming and teaching wonderful equine/human trust.

  5. High Desert fishing
    | Reply

    Leave the baby be a horse

  6. countrywoman
    | Reply

    Your method is really not good. I mean you ignored everything that the horses said to you. You forgot about pressure and release. And you are going too fast. I mean a foal is a creature that is always interested in everything, so give the horse a little bit more time to deal with you and to trust you more. Spend more time with the foal before getting the halter on. You were too aggressive and not a person a foal would trust in in this situation.
    I hope you understand my point.

  7. Denise
    | Reply

    Terrible. Stressful. Unnecessary. My god it's 2 days old! NO.

  8. Emmy Icelock
    | Reply

    This is still abuse I mean like the foal is still drinking from the Mom let the Mom let you take her clearly the Mom did not want you to take the foal is scared and you are holding it tight because it can’t get away

  9. Iveta Ottova
    | Reply

    Seš pitomej

  10. Sony Jen
    | Reply

    This is what happens when morons are allowed to own horses! They think they need to assist in the fucking breeding (Yes, because the stallion doesn't know where the damn hole is, your lucky you don't get bitten or worse), in raising the fucking foal (Mare's have raised them for YEARS without morons trying to 'help') and putting fucking halters on foals while the mother is tied up and CLEARLY stressed out!

    I know this was 5 years ago, but that is NOT an excuse to make a mare abandon the damn foal because you enjoy playing grabbies! Piss off and let her raise it for more then 6 fucking months!

    Rant over

  11. Fenja Birsner
    | Reply

    Ist das Fohlen nicht viel zu klein sowas hasse ich

  12. THIS IS ME
    | Reply

    If you think this is bad check out down under horsemanship also know as DUhorsmanship on foal training

  13. Nicocavalli De rossi
    | Reply

    che bello😍😍😍😍

  14. IRINA Sinamoutou
    | Reply

    Le povre😢😟😔😭

  15. Heri Purnomo12
    | Reply

    bagi dong kudanya

  16. UGO UGO
    | Reply

    qea. mida 1 cavalo

  17. yee zus
    | Reply

    You should at least wait a couple of weeks. You're stressing the baby and the mom. Let them be in a big pasture to bond. If you can't control them without a halter then you shouldn't have them in the first place

  18. Pam Matha
    | Reply

    Let the foal learn to be a horse . Stop interfering between mommy and baby.

  19. Emilia
    | Reply

    These people should not own a horse. You're teaching people how to abuse a horse. Well done!!

  20. Thea Löber
    | Reply

    You only harm the bond between mom and baby.
    Putting metal elements on a babys face is more than a shame.
    Restriction of the babys head is no thing that should happen.
    All you are teaching there, to both mom and baby, is that when you show up, you'll get between them and force the baby to such shit.
    Let the horse become a horse before you start working it.
    It is like putting a 6yo child into high school.
    Wish they would have "imprinted" you as a Baby.
    Of course a foal has to learn some basics Just in case, but on the side of it's Mom!!!! Like any child learns!
    You damn imprinting people are perverts.

  21. Tara Monette
    | Reply

    Natural horsemanship is about being able to read the horse and think like a horse. This mom is obviously under distress when you took her 2 DAY OLD foal away from her??? Never put mom and baby in a tiny ass stall. Let them Bond. Why are you haltering a full in the first place? I have so many issues with this video that's only the start and I only watched about 17 seconds into it

  22. Life as Chelsie
    | Reply

    1:01 poor man I'm getting a foul tomorrow 6 months old never been away from mum at least give it a few months before separation

  23. Jazmine Johnson
    | Reply

    You can definitely tell whose horse people and whose not by reading comments 😂

  24. بتجنن Ggthfrgg
    | Reply

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhخخخخخخخه חחחחחח

  25. pitchfork
    | Reply

    stressing both horses for the sake of your ego, wonder why did you wait 2 days…

  26. Susan Stone Salas
    | Reply

    Where I worked we didn't like to cause any stress for mother from the time of birth for her and her foal at any age, because some mothers will reject their foals. We began halter training at about a four months old, very slowly no rush. Some mothers are more protective, so with them I would spend more time reassuring them, I always worked alone and never tied up the mares.

  27. GSDmom B
    | Reply

    You sir are absolutely PATHETIC. there is no need for this shit.

  28. area3eventing
    | Reply

    Utterly ridiculous..

  29. Cynthia Wade
    | Reply

    Thank you so very much… I really enjoyed it.. I believe it's going to be very helpful to me. I'm getting two miniature horses. I really need the input. 🙂

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