Five Things You Should Know About Boston Terriers

Five Things You Should Know About Boston Terriers

by Katelyn Thomas

1. Bostons love to snuggle and cuddle. They want to sit in your lap if they are on the floor. If they’re already in your lap, they want to curl around your neck or burrow into your chest.

2. Just because they’re cuddle bugs, don’t think Boston Terriers are low energy dogs. These dogs need to run and play and run some more. They love to chase after butterflies and bugs and can keep up with much larger dogs.

3. For a little dog, the Boston is a big chewer. Your puppy is going to need plenty of chew toys. If you don’t provide toys, he will find his own. Your furniture, shoes, and even your feet will fall prey to his sharp little teeth.

4. Rotten eggs have nothing on a Boston with gas. These guys seem prone to odorous bouts of gas passing. Avoid changing their diets suddenly and do not feed table scraps to cut down on this smelly problem.

5. Bostons are very smart. Your dog will learn quickly and will enjoy doing obedience and agility. In fact, most Boston Terriers are even willing to do a few stupid pet tricks, especially if you pull out the clicker.

About the Author

Katelyn Thomas is the webmaster for and the owner of the outspoken Betsy, the Boston Terrier who writes Betsy’s Blog.

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