Five Reasons to Adopt a Pet

This post was submitted to heighten awareness about animal shelter adoption. Adopt a pet today!

Cat smelling a fragrant Double Delight RoseOpening your heart to adopt an animal is a life changing experience. Dogs and Cats are similar to people in that they need companionship in order to live a fulfilling life. There are so many homeless animals, but you can change that for at least one or maybe even more pets.

  1. Animals from shelters can be adopted for a small fee, which includes their shots and tests. This enables you to take home a healthy pet.
  2. Many adoptable pets are older, so you conveniently miss the puppy or kitten stage, which can be challenging at times for pet owners. Older pets might be more set in their ways, but they most likely will not chew your furniture or pee on the floor.
  3. Shelters sometimes have to resort to euthanizing the animals if they run out of room to house them or if they run out of funds to feed them. By adopting a pet, you save their life.
  4. Studies show that owning pets can decrease your blood pressure. If you are looking for a companion as well as a way to relax, owning a pet can accomplish these goals. Walking your dog and napping with your cat can help you find some stress relief.
  5. Pets can bring the family together and teach your friends and family about compassion. Dogs and cats are emotional beings that need to experience love and a sense of security. By adopting a pet, you make others aware of the positive attributes of pets.

Adopting a pet can give you a reason to love and live a fulfilling life. Children can even benefit by learning responsibility and compassion at an early age. So visit a local animal shelter and sit down with a couple different pets until you find the one or ones that compliment your personality and lifestyle.

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    Adorei o texto, descobri nestes dias um forum que tem o tema sobre animais, convido a irem ao no tema ANIMAIS.

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
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    Reading: Five Reasons to Adopt a Pet \ \ PetLvr Blog For Pet Lovers

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