FERRETS – What to do to avoid our ferret from biting? Tips and advice

Do you have a ferret that bites? You don’t know what to to to avoid this? In this video of EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PET, we explain some tips to educate your ferret and avoid them from biting us. Do you know that they like foot smell? For more information, you can visit our web page www.cunipic.com. ¡Suscríbete al canal y serás un gran experto en tu mascota!

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14 Responses

  1. Jafman
    | Reply

    I Dont speak Spanish ( Is it Spanish ?) but the subtitles were very good and I learned a lot from you. thank you.

  2. david hao
    | Reply

    thx for the tips! very useful

  3. lmfao no
    | Reply

    I got my ferrets yesterday, they're really cute and nice and were nice in the car in the cage. When we got home they felt at home the first second and started to play with eachother and run around in the cage. When we played I understood they would bite me and I tried to educate them. But after a while it just felt like they did it to be mean. They tried to get out of the cage (our cage is big so I can be with them in it). I tried to say no and hiss but it could hurt so much and they wouldnt let go. They just came back and bit me too. Now I don't know what to do. I almost feel like I want to give them away because of this (which I wont ofc) even tho I love them so much. I have been waiting for them for months and I've been prepared for this. But when it hurts so much and they won't listen to me I don't know what to do.
    Please help me

  4. Paul Wright
    | Reply

    You shouldn't tap a ferret on the nose he will bite more and only leave the ferret in the cage for a max of 5 mins they will forget what they have done if you leave them and longer scruff them and hiss that's what the mother does

  5. Logan Craig
    | Reply

    My ferret bites me really hard and when I try to hold it by the back of the neck it squirms and still tries to bite so I guess I have to put it in time out

  6. liz lowery
    | Reply

    I have two, the male was very easy to train, the female is very young, she seems to want to nurse because she'll start licking but then bite down and twist and shake her head and scruffing does nothing, she hisses and tries to bite the whole time she's scruffed. I think she was removed from mama too early, she's a tiny little thing. Bought a kitten bottle and she loved it for about 8 seconds and then chewed right through it. Any suggestions on teething toys or nursing aids? She's playful otherwise, does the happy dance and has free run of the house as her male companion does, the two play well together, we only put them in the cage during sleep so I don't believe fear or boredom is an issue.

  7. welcome to bible study we are all children of jesus
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video! The problem is I haven't had much luck grabbing them by the scruff.. The skin seems quite tight there

  8. שקד טל
    | Reply

    Great video!!!!! Love how you explain!

  9. Heather Feather
    | Reply

    This is the most educational and thorough video I've seen so far. Thank you for being so thorough. All the information together is what will help people get somewhere in training.

  10. sio eati
    | Reply

    how can I thank you? all your advice helped me so much!! ur the best out of the best

  11. Sugar kitty Kinz
    | Reply

    Dude your holding it like a rag doll

  12. urbanrat84
    | Reply

    Another reason for biting is how a person responds when a ferret approaches. Don't sit still to let the ferret sniff and explore you because ferrets are confused by that – they don't understand why you are not responding and will try to get you to move by nipping you, scratching at you or trying to drag you away. When they approach you, reach out and pet them or tickle them or pick them up and give them a hug. They will respond with total joy and race around like crazy or dance and roll all over the place. Its very entertaining. I know the methods recommended are the norm for ferret training, but I believe positive interactions – food and play motivated training is the better way to train ferrets. In a lot of bad biting cases simply covering your hands/arms in olive oil will get them to lick you instead of biting. Once they make the connection – human = pleasurable experience & lick don't bite – they will start become a lovely pet. If you shower them with love they will respond in kind. Just my two cents xx

  13. Jay Hop
    | Reply

    Roses are red violets are blue the titles in english you should be too 🙂

  14. Felicia
    | Reply

    Some say that ferrets shouldn’t even be kept as pets… I don’t know, I’ve never had one myself but I’ve heard that they can be quite tricky to care for. They don’t have the temperament of a really domesticated animal, and their diet is challenging – if you mess it up you can actually endanger their health.

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