Ferrets: Toys, Verbal Training, Scruffing, Scruff & Hold, Biting

Answering questions about voice training, punishing ferrets, response to a bite, and elaboration on toys and enrichment items. Toys that I recommend are Kong toys, toy dog sized Booda, and cat toys. Sitting on the editing table is a “tips” video on trimming ferret nails however; in looking at other available videos on biting I will make video that solely goes over reacting to aggressive ferrets or how to get out of a hold by a ferret and how to not instigate them to bite.

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7 Responses

  1. pukedragon
    | Reply

    No i have 4 ferrets and 2 cages. I always make sure the 2 girls who don't get along are in sepperate cages.Tesla now gets along GREAT with my two boys but my other girl Gypsy now hates her and attacks if she sees her for too long. Gypsy is very small and kind of weak so isn't able to hurt even though Tesla seems scared of her now. None of them have ever drawn blood from eachother. I think Tesla has never been around other ferrets before and wasn't sure how to act but now Gypsy doesn't trust her

  2. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    As social as many ferrets are, there are still those who do better on their own. Ferrets can be very physical in their dominance and injuries can result. If the ferrets are drawing blood, hissing,cowering or running away from the aggressive ferret- it's not play and the aggressive ferret need to be in a play time by itself. I have a question- are the ferrets in question housed in the same cage? And if so are they getting along IN the cage?

  3. pukedragon
    | Reply

    Any tips for ferrets who are aggressive against other ferrets, but not towards people? my ferret is very mean and bites other ferrets, and i don't think it's in a playful way, she starts hissing and biting my other ferrets on their heads.

  4. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    But with ferrets who are not properly socialized they may never be able to be trusted with strangers, roommates or spouses. For now keep the interactions to yourself so she can at least become acclimated to you, your scent and your behavior. Slowly she should come around. Once you see her loosen up give her some toys. I would stay away from the rough and tumble games until she tells you she's ready. Hopefully in a few weeks or months she'll be just fine.

  5. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    Sometimes redirecting the biting onto a toy works. If the biting is fearful and defensive than it will take lots of time and patience. Be still and Quiet while she's got you (if she's holding) it maybe something she's not comfortable with you doing that you don't realize sets her off until she bites you. Her bite and hold may be her way of "scolding" you for what you didn't realize bothers her.

  6. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    Artemis was about that age when we got him. He was so terribly afraid when we first got him he would just freeze out of fear in your arms. After several months he would allow himself to sniff and the occasional treat but he was very fearful and a big biter. With ferrets who were neglected it may take months to get them comfortable with you let alone other people. I would encourage the scruff and hold as a discipline and discourage any shouting as she may have already been yelled at for biting.

  7. Jonathen Petrie
    | Reply

    When I go to scruff my ferret for biting, she squirms and freaks out and tries to bite harder. She's 2-3 years old, and has come from a home where she was neglected.

    She's not aggressive or anything, and we coexist in the same room quite well, but I want to socialize with her. However, whenever I try, she gets very defensive and nippy. She was alone for a long time, so I'm not expecting her to be affectionate, but I do want to discourage the nipping behavior when we make contact. Any tips?

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