Ferret Tricks (6 tricks “Hi 5”, “Rollover” and more)

Here’s a video to show you how I trained him : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecrJBpqgR0w Demon doing some tricks : “Stand Up”, “Circle”, “Rollover”, “Give P…

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. LunchableSandwich says:

    RIP Mogwoggles :'[

  2. Sairong Ngeruangel says:

    just getting him to stay in one place is impressive. our ferret has A.D.D.!

  3. carmonkey says:

    sorry for your loss :( our coco is 5 and thankfully she is healthy

  4. Lalo Ramon says:

    ferret power

  5. xxfunnyman1xx says:

    OH MY GOD! I want one :D

  6. Annik Thomas says:

    *Gib Really don’t get why everyone wants to see overweight pets !? Ugh!

  7. Galvin Man says:

    what is this nintendogs for Ferrets?

  8. Annik Thomas says:

    basic info can be found here at Ferret Universe . com

  9. Brian Clark says:


  10. Hey, can you please do a video on how you taught him to do all those
    tricks? Please! It would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  11. Marysia Szmyd says:

    @titannikk so cute!!!! how long did it take you to teach him all those
    tricks? awwwww

  12. Annik Thomas says:

    Thanks for your concern but I feed my ferrets Duck Soup and grain free
    kibbles. They don’t want to eat whole prey because they were Marshall and
    were raised on kibbles, so this also influence their weight

  13. WiseBerries says:

    That’s such a pretty ferret! Love the colors!

  14. xBeyondxGamingx says:

    My ferret is albino at her head, but the normal brownish from the neck
    down… o-o

  15. Annik Thomas says:

    from a pet storee

  16. Annik Thomas says:

    Yes, they do respond by their name like dogs and cats. If they are deaf,
    they respond by signs

  17. Annik Thomas says:

    haha Thanks Yes, Demon loved rolling over :) He knew it was my favorite
    trick and he was rolling over to get out of his room, to get a treat or to
    have whatever he wanted. What a gorgeous and smart boy he was <3

  18. StumpyHead79 says:

    that ferret look hungry and lethargic!

  19. Jason9Avila says:

    4 people weren’t allowed to have ferrets.

  20. TomLynchsTv says:

    What are the treats you are using ? Please comment back

  21. Katya Meredyth-Young says:

    Very clever

  22. Sefalicious says:

    Ha, I’ve tried that stuff… Didn’t seem to bother him at all. :

  23. Annik Thomas says:

    This is why I said ”it depends WHERE you buy/adopt your ferret”. Fuzzies
    are expensive in Canada lol

  24. Logan Lupedee says:

    the video is even cuter with snowflakes falling down

  25. Katherine Rains says:

    This is so cool! My dad just gave me a ferret for my birthday and I want to
    teach it tricks. The link was awesome!

  26. smokeyjoe900 says:

    why did you name him demon?

  27. tubesock2222 says:


  28. Fazza939 says:

    RIP Mr.Mogwoggles :(

  29. Annik Thomas says:

    I was using chicken Bandits for him. I was only using one treat and cut
    into tiny bits (the less treats they have, the healthier!). I used
    different treats for my other 2 (see the link in my description). Some
    ferrets don’t like kibbles and paste/liquids work better for them.

  30. Annik Thomas says:

    He was a Black Roan Mitt when he was a kit and he turned Silver when he was
    2 years old. Black Roan Mitt/Silver colors are quite common ;) It depends
    on what colors are available in your area Right now I have a Black Roan
    Mitt (the markings are darker than a Silver). You can see him with his
    brother in my video ”Training your ferrets : How to Teach your Ferret
    Fancy Tricks”

  31. Tubavonne says:

    OMG the High 5 was precious!!

  32. StumpyHead79 says:

    OK im more than likely wrong but well, females are usually around 3 lbs and
    males 5 lbs. sorry mate, i dont doubt ya love him but unless he’s young,
    you should be at least a pound more in weight and have a lot more spunk

  33. Annik Thomas says:

    Demon died of lymphoma when he was 3 and half year old. Johnny died of
    lymphoma when he was almost 5 year old. (He also had adrenal disease, and
    lymphoma caused him 2 episodes of lymphedema. 2 Liver failures, and a heart
    murmur). For Demon, the tumor started in his chest. For Johnny, the tumor
    was in his GI track. Lymphoma can start in ferrets as young as 4 months old
    and there is no cure.

  34. Annik Thomas says:

    All ferrets come when called. Some ferrets are deaf (its common in Panda
    and Blaze) but can learn hand signals. Ferrets are really smart carnivores !

  35. Annik Thomas says:

    Ferrets, being obligate carnivores. can’t digest peanuts/nuts, fruits,
    veggies, dairy, and other sugary treat.

  36. the real trick here for me is making him eat it and not go and hide it :)

  37. Marc Spector says:

    I so love ferrets…they’re like little dogs.

  38. GeeVonMumble says:

    hi can you tell me what your feeding your ferret as treats? thanks

  39. sweetheart7678 says:

    This is precious

  40. Ferret lover says:

    ferret lover!!!

  41. travisjum says:

    Can I have your ferret.its so cute

  42. TheMidnightSorrows says:

    Dang he got you all riled up, either way. Ferret+Cammera+Treats=Happy
    ferret. Ferret+Cheese+Burger= X_X Ferret. No, No.

  43. Annik Thomas says:

    He was a Black Roan Mitt when he was a kit. Around 2 years old he changed
    and he became a silver. The Black Roan Mitt is darker than Demon. Some
    pictures of Demon outside make him looks like an albino. We have a Black
    Roan Mitt right now named Cujo; his markings are more distinctive than
    Demon’s. Demon was simply becoming lighter in color every year; but he was
    beautiful everyday <3 :)

  44. Emily Bolten says:

    I’m going to teach my ferret some tricks..I get one tomorrow!! =D

  45. Annik Thomas says:

    Yes, that’s an idea. I’ll try my best !

  46. Brice A chu says:

    god thats cute, im planning on getting a ferret and decided to watch this

  47. pearl won says:

    What treat do u use

  48. Annik Thomas says:

    The fee depends on WHERE you adopt/buy your ferret. He was $280

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