Ferret Training 301: Teaching your ferret to High 5

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Joey came from a breeder called Ground Effects Ferretry. I talk about it more on my video called “A Little Bit about Joey and I”

  2. Tifini Jones
    | Reply

    I watched almost all your videos!!! Where did you get joey from???

  3. Thanh au
    | Reply

    That looks cute!:)

  4. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I usually give him boiled chicken breast. He also enjoys scrambled egg, wysong dream treats, and freeze dried liver.

  5. craftastic11
    | Reply

    Awwwwwwwww! I want a farret!

  6. Do_It_All_Dezzy
    | Reply

    What kind of treats do you give Joe he seems to love them 😀

  7. RainbowCharmss
    | Reply

    My rats store food in the litter box >.<

  8. RainbowCharmss
    | Reply

    My rats store food idn

  9. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Thanks! Joey is 1 :O)

  10. amyxchen123
    | Reply

    JOey is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! how old is he? my ferret looks so tiny compared to him

  11. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Hi there. Be sure if Jimmy is ripping up his toys that he is not ingesting the fuzz inside. I would hate for him to develop a blockage of some sort! I’m glad that he is enjoying his toys though. :O)

  12. Morganlovesferrets
    | Reply

    Thanks very much my ferret Jimmy enjoys playing in tunnels he sometimes gets into our drying vent tunnel things so we bought him one and he loves to ripe up stuffed dog toys that was very helpful thank you I look forward to more of your videos!

  13. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    For toys, I give Joey a lot of stuffed animal dog toys (no plastic eyes or noses – all plush). He also likes those cats wands with feathers at the end. He likes to chase it while I move it around. Do NOT get any toys with rubber because ferrets are known to try to ingest it. Boxes, bags, and tunnels are always fun toys as well. I hope this helps!

  14. Morganlovesferrets
    | Reply

    Joey is a very clever ferret!

  15. Morganlovesferrets
    | Reply

    I enjoy your videos alot Joey is such an adorable well-trained ferret your a super good handler! I just joined youtube and i have watched only 4 videos and I don’t know if you made a video of this yet but, have you done a video on what types of toys would work well with ferrets? If you haven’t maybe you could make one because I just adopted a new ferret named Jimmy and he doesn’t have any toys yet. Any suggestions? please write back and subscribe thank you!

  16. Inspire New Beginnings
    | Reply

    Can you show Joey’s cage tour? I really want ome good ides on how to make the cage more fun for them…

  17. Bubblegumpets
    | Reply

    My ferret also loves freeze dried treats but her favorite is the freeze dried chicken breast

  18. Spoon Blender
    | Reply

    Lol, hyper Joey is so cute 😀

  19. kystal zamora
    | Reply

    Thank you rainbowfruitloopXD

  20. erinthegecko
    | Reply

    Lol he’s going crazy! You’re great at keeping his attention though!

  21. RainbowFruitloopXD
    | Reply

    try rubbing the poop around in the litter box. My little ones used to all the time ! then i did that and they stopped. And when he goes t the toilet give a treat after and if he sleeps in his bed wake him and put him straight into his blankets. Try putting food or treats in his blankets also. Good luck !

  22. kystal zamora
    | Reply

    Please tell me what I should try to do, please comment back!!!

  23. kystal zamora
    | Reply

    Hi Joey the trained ferret I have a question. My ferret always sleeps in his litter box and I always try to get him to poop in his litter box before I take him out to play but after a good 10 minuets I just let him out assuming he doesn’t have to go and the he poops on the floor!! And also he seems to sleep in his litter box and I tried everything I tried putting his poop inside there but he just flings it out and I put ALOT of fleece and beds inside there and he never sleeps in them

  24. Joe Lauriello
    | Reply

    I do to

  25. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Yes – I plan on doing videos of him just being crazy 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos!

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