Ferret Training 208: Teaching your ferret to jump over an object

Joey is just beginning to learn this trick, but I wanted to make a video on how you can teach your ferret to jump over an object.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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20 Responses

  1. Pablo Avero
    | Reply

    It's interesting you mentioned Brain size. I think the important thing to remember is the size of the brain in comparison to the size of the body. Just as the sperm whale has the largest brain on earth it also has the largest body. Even though Joey's brain is small he only weighs in at 3 pounds or so. The size of the brain is critical to the mass of the bodies size and weight. This helps to determine an animals intelligence level. There are also many other mitigating factors that help to determine intelligence in creatures including man. Yes brain size counts but that's relevant to body size and weight.

  2. Jemmmbarson
    | Reply

    my two year old ferret (you can see her in next weeks video on my channel) when she comes in side she jumps around everywhere non stop and she tends to bite and my older sister jumps around so that makes Penny (my ferret) go after her feet and Penny sometimes goes for the heel and i go penny for my 11 birthday

  3. brandon Sunjic
    | Reply

    Joey is cute and a good ferret

  4. moulay fergane
    | Reply

    What is the age at which a female gives birth to weasel?

  5. Ashley Trudelle
    | Reply

    hi Courtney I love watching your videos and I love Joey. I'm going to be a getting a ferret some time soon but I'm afraid that he will bite me really hard and won't let go. do you have any advice so I'm not scared to touch a ferret?

  6. CharLatte
    | Reply

    Hi, I really want a ferret for Christmas and I want to be prepared. Could you do a video on how to prepare and things you will need for a ferret. Plus how much it costs 😊 thank you, your videos are very helpful!

  7. Trisha 2nd
    | Reply

    Hi Courtney, I was wondering if you could do a cage tour? I would really love to see more of Joeys playtimes as well. also, I have been searching for a video that talked about the difference between boy ferrets and girl ferrets and haven't found a good one – so if you could make a video or address that in some video I would be really thankful! thank you

  8. May cristine
    | Reply

    do let ur ferret rome free in the house in the day time

  9. Xavier Bernal
    | Reply

    hey great video. I was just wondering, where do you usually get ferrets? is it okay for a pet store if there's no breeders in the area? if so do all the ferrets die young such as 4-5years?

  10. May cristine
    | Reply

    where can u get a clicker

  11. Cilla Park
    | Reply

    Please do a cage tour

  12. cory chadwell
    | Reply

    Do u still feed Joey the same stuff epigen 90 and Stella's

  13. Harry Livingstone
    | Reply

    can you make a video of how to train your ferret to get along with other ferrets? or how to bathe your ferret without them scratching your arm trying to get out? lol 🙂 my ferret does that a lot, she's not a big fan of baths when she needs one hehe

  14. Eris
    | Reply

    I am planning on getting ferrets in the future. I love how large and healthy looking Joey is. I am thinking about buying and feeding the Wysong Epigen 90, How much of it does Joey eat in a month? I really love your videos and they have been a huge help on deciding what to feed and use as treats.

  15. Edwin Stridh
    | Reply

    Joey is going to steal your wallet, i am sure of it

  16. Kpop Trash
    | Reply

    You're videos are always so great! 🙂 Joey is so cute!!

  17. Mermaid Luna [LemonLimePawz]
    | Reply

    And I'm also the 30th like on this video!

  18. Mermaid Luna [LemonLimePawz]
    | Reply

    I am the 249th person to see dis…

  19. CKH Leapin' Llamas
    | Reply

    died of laughter

  20. Lyles 🐢
    | Reply

    For me I found it easier to let them create their own tricks in an attempt to beg to me. lol

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