Ferret Training 207: Crate Training

Teaching your ferret to get in a crate on command can be useful in emergencies or when going to the vet. In this video, I demonstrate how I’m clicker training Joey to do this trick.

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. hello.
    i was just wondering if i can replace the treat with a pating

  2. Joseph Kluczynski says:

    Joey is so cute!!!

  3. Lauren Rivera says:

    What kind of treats do you use? Ps. love your vids :)

  4. Helga Hegelstad says:

    Heey! Love your videos!:-) Joey is such a good boy! :-D
    I was just wondering how you can train your ferret to be in cage like a ferret nation without "panicing" when waking up, or hysterical wanting to get out, like in the middle of night and so on? :-)

  5. Youssef Attia says:

    What kind of ferret is joey cause i really like him and im thinking of getting one.

  6. Dakota Greene says:

    How long have you been training Joey?

  7. Skylar Young says:

    I have a ferret who is such a swetheart until I try and train her she gets so excited that I can't train her for more then 2 minutes I asked my dad about it and he said it's because she still a baby but she is like 10 months old and I was just wondering if you had any tips?

  8. Treyton Mohler says:

    I'm also getting another ferret this month and want to make sure my current one Diamond is somewhat trained to help with the new one!

  9. Treyton Mohler says:

    I have a ferret, Diamond, who's one. I want to teach her like Joey, but I cant seem to find treats that are small enough without her having to run and eat it, and I cant seem to keep her attention, because I don't know of any treat that can keep it her eyes on it. Do you have any tips or something?

  10. Transform987 says:

    How old is joey

  11. Might I know what state or country you live in and where you purchased Joey because I have been interested in ferrets and would like to know where you got yours :)

  12. Silan Polat says:

    Um can u do a review on your stuff for joey as I might get one and is one ferret OK or should I get 2

  13. arnoldo pleites says:

    Thats really cool 👍👍

  14. Ivan Cortes says:

    I have an idea for a new trick for Joey. Try to make him play dead, and make a video, please! Love your vids!

  15. Stefanie Morales says:

    Cute ferret

  16. Stefanie Morales says:

    I need help because can my ferret eat stake and I did not feed him yet

  17. ReDragon8700 says:

    ya what was the red brick lookin thin you wird ripping up for him??????????????

  18. SeriousMicky says:

    what that u feeding her…=D

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