Ferret Training 206: Teaching a ferret to push a ball

This video is on how to clicker train a ferret to roll a ball with his nose. www.facebook.com/JoeyTheTrainedFerret www.youtube.com/JoeyTheTrainedFerret.

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16 Responses

  1. Animal Crossing Luver
    | Reply

    When is the next time you’re going to the park? I would love to see joey’s
    reactions to the park! Its ok if you cant! :0)

  2. ChibiFerrets
    | Reply

    That is a cool trick, I am going to teach my fuzzy it. Also Joey is so
    cute! :)

  3. Jennifer Sexton
    | Reply

    Im getting a BB gun or a ferret{hopefully a Ferret}and you give me the best
    info on how to train them!

  4. Pinacle Dabster
    | Reply

    You and your ferret are so beautiful 

  5. TheEisbaer
    | Reply

    I’m getting my first ferret around the beginning of 2014 🙂 In Germany
    there aren’t many ferret breeder :o. Your videos are so informative, thanks
    for that 🙂

    I am getting a book about ferrets for Christmas, so i’m best prepared for a

  6. Heather Woertendyke
    | Reply

    do i need to teach my ferret to push a ball?

  7. VictoryaLisa
    | Reply

    thats how i trained mine to give high five, i said “tap” on a haging cattoy
    on a hanging robe fixed on a higher spot and when he kicked it to reach for
    food he got a klick so he kicks the toy now:D (requires the ferret to know
    how to stand pretty(stand up ) this is the result of my training after
    watching your videos:) thanks sooo much!!

    Cuteness overload!

  8. Fretje Eva
    | Reply

    I love it! And Joey is a beautiful ferret! What treats do you give? Thank
    you for sharing this wonderful video 🙂 xx.

    | Reply

    What if you move on the other side of the ball and you do the signal, will
    he push it towards you or away?

  10. FerretTV
    | Reply

    I can’t believe I am getting a ferret in a little more than a week! I have
    done so much research, my head hurts! I bought the book Ferrets for
    Dummies. It is very helpful and I’m almost done with it! I can’t wait!

  11. Charlie Ferret
    | Reply

    How do you keep the ferret smell down around ur house? xx

  12. Ivan Cortes
    | Reply

    Where did you get the clicker, and for how much?

  13. Macady Nebeker
    | Reply

    I’m getting my first ferret around July for my birthday. Any names?? 

  14. Macady Nebeker
    | Reply

    You should make a video on how to bath or wash your ferret! 

  15. pukedragon
    | Reply

    You’ve probably said on a bunch of videos already, but what are you giving
    joey for treats? the treats I have, I think they’re marshalls, are big and
    gummy and take them a minute or two to eat, or do you take those and cut
    them up into little bits? 

  16. ZombieMasterEd25
    | Reply

    ohh wow! lol!

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