Ferret Training 204: Teaching your ferret to spin

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Cristal Perez says:

    I wish i had a ferret thus Joey is so cute

  2. Chloe Bourne says:

    I love your pets 

  3. Jennifer Sexton says:

    i dont even know if im getting a ferret yet but your training tecnequcs are
    so unique and informitave i still watch it

  4. Jennifer Sexton says:

    I spelt allot of things wrong in that.

  5. Ernie Smith says:


  6. Mathew Perez says:

    I’m always asking you questions but how long did it take Joey to learn to
    spin? Sorry to ask you so many questions but thanks!

  7. Ernie Smith says:

    Were did you get the clicker

  8. alex romeu says:

    hi i by a female ferret i well ned to desex?

  9. nicoleisthex says:

    What form of treat do you use?

  10. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:
  11. Bubblegumpets says:

    First View!!!

  12. Hi! Sorry gad one other question i think somewhere you said you didn’t fix
    joey but did something else? Just wondering if there is a better option
    then fixing a male ferret thanks!

  13. Elizabeth Cole says:

    Is it legal to have a ferret in riverside,California??

  14. Hi! First I want to tell you that I really like your vids :) great job.
    Next, I have a question. I have 2 ferrets but I’m planning on starting to
    train with a clicker. I know you said in a previous vid that you shouldn’t
    be using a clicker when there are 2 ferrets to avoid the mix up. But what
    if I put 1 ferret in the cage and train with the other one? Do you think
    they would understand? Btw, a video in which you can teach us how to learn
    a ferret to sleep/ rest on your lap would be great ;).

  15. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    I believe ferrets are banned in the entire state of California. :O(

  16. Mary Ellen Byrne says:

    Where would one buy or how would one make dried liver?

  17. Alexandria S. says:

    I can also use these techniques on my little chihuahua, Zoey!

  18. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    Its actually freeze dried liver you can buy at pet stores. My pet store
    sells chicken and beef liver. Search the web for Pro-Treat Liver. That
    should work. There are other brands though.

  19. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    I should also mentioned I don’t give Joey a lot of the freeze dried liver.
    I only give him 2 or 3 little pieces a day. Too much liver can upset his

  20. Lily Flores says:

    Can older ferrets still learn new tricks? mine is 4yr and i would like to
    teach him now you have shown us how, Thank you, you’re both awesome :)

  21. Charlie Ferret says:

    Ty so much for telling me about the rice for the dig box my ferrets love
    it! I was wondering is egg yolk ok/safe treat for ferrets?

  22. Do you know a substitute in liquid form I could use for training the
    ferrets? One ferret of me always takes the snack and just runs off with it
    to eat it somewhere else :) she’s been doing it since I got her a year ago,
    even when she eats in her cage ( maybe needed to fight for food when she
    was a baby ? the breeder was really ‘bad’ for the ferrets and didn’t know
    how to take care of them). The only liquid I know are the ferret tubes with
    vitamins, but it contains lots of sugar as well :(.

  23. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    Hi there. Joey is “fixed” with a chemical implant called deslorelin. It
    lasts for 1.5-2 years and then he has to get another implant. This way, he
    did not need to have surgery and it may help reduce his risk of getting
    adrenal disease. I will try to make a video on this topic at some point :O)

  24. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    Joey actually eats kibble (Wysong Ferret Epigen 90) and whole prey.
    Luckily, he will eat pretty much whatever I give him. My 1st ferret though
    was picky. I used to have to “teach” him to like treats. I would have to
    mix it into his kibble for a week or so and then he liked it. Every ferret
    is different. Some other healthy treats are scrambled egg, wysong dream
    treats, and freeze dried liver.

  25. Joey TheTrainedFerret says:

    You can definitely train both ferrets with a clicker if they are separated
    during training. It might be best in another room so the one not training
    can’t hear the clicks. I think when I was talking about them being confused
    it was if they are litter training because odds are they will be running
    around together in the same area. Does that help?

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