Ferret Training 105: Leash training

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Trisha Morey says:

    I don’t know about where you are but we have hawks eagles and owls where I
    live. Besides dogs, these are prey animals as well as hunters so gotta
    weigh the risks.

  2. Basil MacVae says:

    now, I don’t imagine ferrets are very good with colder climates, are they?
    Do you have any preferences for winter exercise?

  3. stophateing says:

    wow beautiful animal.how are they called.the type

  4. blackshadowwolf2000 says:

    In almost every video ive watched of urs joey is always licking ur fingers
    so I was wondering wat u put on ur fingers that made him lick them.

  5. Yolo Awsome says:

    My ferret hates his leash and he finds a way to get loose and i cant find a
    leash for ferrets anywere nomore.
    Ps: your vids are very helpfull to me and my ferret:-)

  6. Latashia Johnson says:

    do u have any clothing for joey

  7. Erin Maulding says:

    I live in Oklahoma and my mom said that she would get me a ferret if i buy
    all the supplies for it would i be able to walk it around the block or
    should i not because a lot of dogs run around but there all very nice.

  8. GumDropplets says:

    I just got my 3rd ferret and he is 8 weeks old and i named him Joey :D

  9. Crimson Divine says:

    OMFG I just realized I named my ferret/polecat the SAME name as yours o.o I
    so didn’t intend that, I donno why I did that hahaha. Oh well, I guess
    great minds think alike.

  10. Maylyn Rodriguez says:


  11. tiffany tyson says:

    My ferret won’t take treats but he will eat peanut butter is it okay to
    train him with that? 

  12. Is it okay to take your ferret outside at like 85 or something cause I’m in
    Florida and As you probably know it gets hot and when I take them out at 85
    I mean Like for 5mins or so and bring a bowl of water? What’s your opinion?

  13. Maggie Riojas says:

    Where can I buy a harness? Joey looked so cute walking?

  14. How can i get my ferret too wear hers she just starts biting who ever is
    trying to put on the lead i have the same lead as you

  15. KitsuneChloe says:

    If you have more than one ferret do you recommend walking them separately
    or can they walk together outside on leashes? One of my ferrets is too
    small for her petco harness, I have it tightened all the way and she still
    can manage to slip it off. Do you have any leash recommendations for small

  16. I have a rat but I’m harness training him soon. I have a question about you
    ferret. When you first started did her try to run from you? 

  17. Alexa Neely says:

    Where do u get ur clicker

  18. Grace Miller says:

    Black footed ferrets are endangered

  19. Markeda Williams says:

    Where can u get them from 3

  20. Mahaileea Massey says:

    Where did u get Joey?

  21. GumDropplets says:

    Hi i have just posted a picture of Joey on Joey’s facebook page :D

  22. Gregory Alasday says:

    How do you walk a ferret and not have the ferret walk you?

  23. Wow! Thank you for making these videos. I want to learn as much as possible
    before I get one, hopefully a rescue :) 

  24. Autumn Morgan says:

    See how they might catch fleas or ticks when they are outside, can you get
    anything for ferrets? and also worms, I’m getting a 8 week old ferret later
    on today and was just wondering if they needs to be wormed, tick and flea
    and injections?

  25. Ice And Ashes says:

    Joey is the best! You train him really good :]

  26. Ty McFarland says:

    How old is Joey 

  27. selina gomez says:

    Thank you , yeah Im training him & he is getting it lil by lil

  28. Ty McFarland says:

    Where can I get a ferret? And how much will it cost because I’m going to
    buy one and I need to know thanks. :)

  29. Heather Woertendyke says:

    shouldent lesh training be easy

  30. DanielleNaomi Williams says:

    My Taz loves going to the park. He’s still pretty young (9 months old) so
    he doesn’t stick to paths much, but he’s learning. 

  31. Buddy Cross says:

    Did you get your ferret at a local pet shop?

  32. Michael Weinberg says:

    Joey is absolutely adorable.My last crew acted like they couldn’t walk with
    the harness. One would just flop to the ground and the other walk crooked.
    It was quite hysterical. The harness definitely wasn’t too tight as Petey
    would squirm his way out, he just hated the thing.

  33. selina gomez says:

    Hello ‘ so I Just got my ferret on Sunday & I wanna start training it ‘ &
    it’s bites a lot and I start to get scared because I think I will bite me &
    I really wanna it to stop bite ing it . May I got any ways to stop bitting
    ….. I don’t want It to grow up bitting everyone ! Help me 

  34. Jenna Chong says:

    I want a ferret but live in an apartment that does not alow pets that is at
    least what my mom says

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