Ferret Training 103: Litter box training

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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45 Responses

  1. Victor Medina
    | Reply

    positive reinforcement. sweet.

  2. Viktor Esquivel
    | Reply

    Joey, such a handsome ferret 0.e I would like to know where you live so I
    can take him lol. Jk. Much love

  3. Tyler Fisher
    | Reply

    Hi again, newspaper litter can be quite pricey, I’ve heard many reviews
    that say you can use woodstove pellets, plus it is very cheap, what do you

  4. Taylor Marie
    | Reply

    We’ve had him going on two weeks now.. The pets store we got him from made
    it sound like it would go much faster, but I guess it just takes more
    patience. We put his bigger litter box in one corner and his smaller one in
    another corner and blocked the other corners hoping he wouldn’t have much
    choice but he’s just trying to dig under them and move them so he can go in
    the cage. So stubborn!! Haha 🙂 

  5. Colin zorse
    | Reply

    dont have a ferret yet but helpfull

  6. Alexia Jones
    | Reply

    Im getting a 10 week old ferret and im trying to learn how to potty train
    him when he comes home sgould i let her poop in a corner that he likes then
    put the litter box their or just put the box in first? Also how should i go
    about training him like his name just use clickers and treats?

  7. Olivia Jackson
    | Reply

    Where did you get Joey?! He’s so cute! 

  8. Tracy Farr
    | Reply

    Where do I get a clicker?

  9. Julianne araújo
    | Reply

    Hi Courtney, I’m new to the ferret world, we’ve just got our first ferret
    about 2 weeks ago, I’m having problems in potty training him and I was
    hoping you could give some advice, I really like your videos and I think
    you do a great job with Joey!:). After we purchased the double unit ferret
    nation cage we added a nice big litter box and it seemed like it worked
    like magic, he was using it all the time and wasn’t having any accidents on
    his cage at all but for some reason it all changed, he is now pooping a
    peeing everywhere, even in front of his food and water, we blocked his
    access to the upper unit to see if this would push him to use the litter
    box more but so far nothing, there are times he uses it and there are a lot
    times he doesn’t, what did we do wrong?? Help please!!lol. Thanks :).

  10. Jo Narcissa
    | Reply

    Do you think is better to keep litter box in a different cage level from
    bed,food and water?
    I purchased a 17 weeks old ferret and he is playing and twisting the bowls
    of food and litter box (even if they are wired on the cage),is that normal?

  11. TehBlockHeadz
    | Reply

    What color is he? I have never seen such a dark pretty color like that!

  12. Kye
    | Reply

    My 5 ferrets use the litter pan in the cage but when they are out playing
    they go right next to it. The thing is, is that they do go in the liter box
    first but don’t have any grip, thus them going right next to it. Any good

  13. jay narvaez
    | Reply

    Hey 4 days ago i bough a ferret from marshall i like him very much the only
    thing is that when i want to touch him he tries to bite me all the time
    what i can i do so my baby wont bite me every time i try to play with him,
    and also i was wondering if it would be a good idea to get another ferret
    to give him some company ?? 

  14. Taylor Marie
    | Reply

    Please help us litter box train!! Finley is so stubborn and we’ve literally
    tried everything 

  15. TehBlockHeadz
    | Reply

    I have never seen a more well trained or handsome ferret! Great job with
    him! This video was very helpful in training my 3 month old fuzzy, named

  16. thrashdave81
    | Reply

    Until today when I say a friend of mines ferret running around the house, I
    never realised quite how intelligent they are. How good of a pet do they

  17. Angel Welch
    | Reply

    Oh gosh… my ferrets climb over the baby gates! I have tried that XD Your
    ferret is so huge and cute!

  18. Joshua Motes
    | Reply

    That is one cute ferret with his black little nose.

  19. steel .cityshirts
    | Reply

    Litter box? Mine would read “Digging box”!!

  20. Vzreja Dihurjev
    | Reply

    Watch Ferret Damiano digging under the snow : Ferret Damiano digs under the

  21. procter20
    | Reply

    How long does it take to litter train a ferret? 

  22. Monica Rindahl
    | Reply

    i have 2 ferrets both male 1 is 7 yrs old the other 7 months old my boys
    like peanut butter on the tip of my finger for a treat they dont get it
    often but if they do good i will give that

  23. ★Lovely Ferret
    | Reply

    Thank you!I have 3 ferrets in Japan!
    I love Ferrets!My pet name is Yuzu,Nagi,Sumire!
    Thank you.

  24. Katelyn Gladden
    | Reply

    I have 2 ferrets that im working on potty training with my male is learning
    a little faster then my female he will go to the box sometimes other times
    he will move the box i have the small one that fits in cornors do you think
    the litter box mite be to small? Hes a big boy so only his back feet fit in
    the box i do reward him with his favorite treat when he goes in the box but
    as for my female she will rarely go in the box most of the time she will
    just move it and go behind it and she does not like any of the ferret
    treats so is there something else i can give her to reward her? Thanks 

  25. J Martinez
    | Reply


  26. Holly Small
    | Reply

    that ferret looks like an otter its so big

  27. Sony Clan
    | Reply


  28. Wendy Gustafson
    | Reply

    I found out that when ferrets go to the bath room they tend to back into
    corners so they can defend themselves if needed. That’s why they like the
    tall blue liter box.

  29. jazzy boobear
    | Reply

    I just got a ferret for christmas from bm brother my ferret is only 2 or 3
    months old 

  30. Julianne araújo
    | Reply

    Hi, no I haven’t rewarded him yet. I’ll try that and see, thanks!:)

  31. Tracy Farr
    | Reply

    Thank you!!!

  32. October the Ferret
    | Reply

    Hi. I just purchased a ferret a month ago and he’s about 7 months old. I’m
    having a hard time litter box train him. To give you some insight… he’s
    living in a medium size dog travel crate since I’ll be moving back to
    Norway in Jan. In the meantime, he’s pooping in his crate but refused to
    use the small litter tray that I place in there so I’ve just removed it.
    When he’s out and in my bedroom, he used to go ANYWHERE however now he goes
    to the restroom. I have placed a litter box where he usually poops but
    refuses to use it. He goes to another corner. I’ve recently been watching
    and placing him in the box after he poops however still not connection for
    him to use it. Also, grabbing him in the process is messy bc he keeps going
    and gets on the floor still. Any advice on what to do? This is the only
    ferret that I’ve had such an issue with regarding this. All the help and
    input you have is much appreciated.

  33. sunflowerchic17
    | Reply

    So do you keep a liter box in all rooms of your house? Is that a good idea
    or just something to let them know what to look for? Also I’m looking by
    buy a ferret from a girl who says she doesn’t have a lot of time for it and
    she bought it from marshalls ferrets. Can I ask where you purchased yours
    and if you think it would be a good Idea to buy from her?

  34. J Martinez
    | Reply

    As apprised to a front tail

  35. screamerboy100
    | Reply

    Question for you; are ferrets really all that smelly? I’ve been told
    they’re very smelly but I’m 100% sure it’s not true. What is your 2 cents?

  36. arnoldo pleites
    | Reply

    How old those a ferret need to be to be train

  37. 1320gearhead
    | Reply

    I like your ferret. He’s a very handsome boy.

  38. Toddwigdude
    | Reply

    Again, Joey’s human is cute too!

  39. courtneyl0816
    | Reply

    I just had to comment because my name is Courtney and my ferret’s name was
    Joey! What a small world 🙂 I miss my baby and I think I’m just about ready
    to adopt again 🙂 

  40. MrSlimyDuck
    | Reply

    Thanks for tips again lol. I got my ferret yesterday and every time he went
    to the bathroom it was in all in the 4 corners of the cage. So I did the
    steps and now he always goes In the box

  41. Tabetha Houpt
    | Reply

    Help please! I got bandit three days ago and the woman I got her from said
    she was potty trained but she’s been going on the floor and sleeping in the
    litter pan. But also she won’t eat the treats. And we’ve tried a lot of
    treats includeing the boiled chicken. I don’t know what to do. My parents
    said to put some of the dropping in the litter pan but it doesn’t help.

  42. Kawaii Ferret
    | Reply

    I think he’s a black sable, is he?

  43. ScruffyTheJ
    | Reply

    Great Videos! I have a really important question about the litter boxes.
    Personally I have two female ferrets and they are mostly litter trained,
    but if i bring them downstairs or anywhere else in the house they don’t go
    back into my room to use the litter box. Does Joey go back into the room
    with the litter box and how many litter boxes do you have in your house? 

  44. Ashy May
    | Reply

    that looks like my old ferret

  45. Snake Daemon
    | Reply

    I have been trying to get my ferret to use the litter box but she will not
    use it I have tried can anyone help please 

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