Ferret Training 102: Standing up

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27 Responses

  1. lps fun j 2
    | Reply

    can you give me some tips on potty training outside cage

  2. Cassie the horse
    | Reply

    My ferret won't learn it 🙁 if tried everything

  3. Cassie the horse
    | Reply

    My ferret won't learn it 🙁 if tried everything

  4. Manda Saori
    | Reply

    My ferret don't know his name, how can I teach him?

  5. Cayla Standifird
    | Reply

    I tought my ferret stand up before this video and shes good at it but I cant get her to listen to the clicker maybe so, ethings wrong with what im doong can you tell me

  6. redpanda02cm
    | Reply

    Learning how to learn LOL

  7. The fun girl
    | Reply

    Can u make vid of where to get ferrets

  8. Shayla Riggins
    | Reply

    Also @ Allison: My ferrets where 100 and 160 bought u could find them for probably much cheaper. Depends where u live. Ferrets r not legal in NYC, California, i believe some parts of Hawaii and some parts of Australia but it depends on ur town or city.

  9. Shayla Riggins
    | Reply

    @ Allison Lutz: Im only 12 and i bought my own ferret 3 months ago.

  10. Es Stagefright
    | Reply

    Yes, I'm trying to teach my baby, Ink, to "stand" too! I hate the term beg :/ He's sooo cute!

  11. luis fernandez
    | Reply

    i love your boobs :33 *w*

  12. AlliTheFerret
    | Reply

    also make a video on how much ferrets cost and where they are allegle

  13. AlliTheFerret
    | Reply

    Steph, can you make a video about how old you have to be to by a ferret please?!?!?!?

  14. chilibean51986
    | Reply

    Wow very good joey!

  15. Sarah Raposo
    | Reply

    depends on their age. Younger is more expensive. However, it's a lot cheaper to adopt from a shelter than to buy from a pet store. It's cheaper to adopt two bonded ferrets than one ferret at a pet store. Just google ferret shelters in your area. They should have the adoption fees on their website.

  16. Metaflossy
    | Reply

    my ferret does not like treat, so i have no idea how to teach him anything ;x

  17. linwau
    | Reply

    Baby ferrets are so bouncy! I love it 🙂

  18. Isabel Pumphrey
    | Reply

    She tells you how to at the end.

  19. Isabel Pumphrey
    | Reply

    Neitehr does mine. I'm tryign to train him to like meat.

  20. Isabel Pumphrey
    | Reply

    Where did the babies come from?

  21. Isabel Pumphrey
    | Reply

    I have 1 ferret and hes kinda lonely so can you tell me the price of a ferret at a shelter?

  22. Kristen Sarah
    | Reply

    Ferrets are the best pets. I just filmed a video of my two little guys Wall-E and Bagheera. It's guaranteed to make you laugh:) Check it out on my channel.

  23. Bianca B
    | Reply

    my ferret dont eat meat.

  24. Shinayah Bannister
    | Reply

    @party ferret I have something to say about having an experience with them.

  25. Alex Hinsley
    | Reply

    I <3 FEREDT

  26. Lyles 🐢
    | Reply

    Watch your corners! hahahaha

  27. Abdullah A alnasser
    | Reply

    my fuzzy can't do tricks but she sure is addicted to playing with me 🙂 i love her .

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