Ferret Toys : Using Ferret Toys to Aid in Litter Box Training

Watch an expert explain how to use ferret toys to help litter-box-train your pet ferret in this free online video about pet care. Expert: azsli Contact: www….

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6 Responses

  1. fatpatbbr
    | Reply

    @therealmadwombat. I really dont think there is a way to get your ferret to stop going after your toes. Thats one of the major ways they show affection for you. Its also what they do when they play. Of course.

  2. Jessica Stephens
    | Reply

    is that ferret nation cage really good?? im getting my ferret in a month so i just want to make sure before i go buy 1

  3. Shewolfen
    | Reply

    when they bite you just imobilise them. Gently hold them/their head down for a few seconds or hold them on their back and make them be still. They get the idea pretty quick. It works for other animals too like puppies and kittens, it teaches them submission and is a gental humane reprimand.

  4. Shewolfen
    | Reply

    I’ll have to try that in my house. Trouble is my ferret always wants to poop infront of shut doors. I think he’s made because he can’t get through lol

  5. bulbo10002
    | Reply

    It workedddddddd!

  6. therealmadwombat
    | Reply

    I just wanna know how to stop them from going after toes!

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