ferret questions !

i said “like” way too many times 😡 & i kept screwing up my words ! i’m sorry. heres where i was reading off from, i tried not to though so i mostly said fro…

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36 Responses

  1. Peri Smith
    | Reply

    Yes they can have cooked meat! They can eat raw or cooked meat. 

  2. lily rose
    | Reply

    I love how you say dog in that New York accent love it lol 

  3. Sophie Gatchell
    | Reply

    +kloakenskansen Some people actually CARE about their animals. If you are
    willing to shoot an animal especially your own animal that your supposed to
    love and nurture, then do not even consider GETTING a pet in the first
    place. Especially when animals depend on humans. Its all they know to do
    when domesticated. God loves all animals if you beleive in that type of
    stuff, (I do) 🙂 but killing a soul just to avoid vet bills, thats
    SICKENING. Its inhumane. 

  4. jaffa thaBoss
    | Reply

    I love your accsent what state are you from

  5. Alicia Gravittll
    | Reply

    I’m kinda laughing right now… 40 on food and litter? I use wood pellets
    and only spend five on a 40 pound bag and five bucks on 4pound bag of food

  6. Tia mc loughlin
    | Reply

    How did you get your parent alow you to get a ferret??

  7. Cinder Wardo
    | Reply

    I think this is a great video! 🙂 and no offense to everyone, but I don’t
    see why you’re listing all of her mistakes and pounding her with what you
    don’t agree with. It’s from HER point of view and all she is doing is
    answering you guy’s questions. This really helped me and I beg everyday for
    a ferret! Merry Christmas! 🙂 

  8. Lucas Manoel
    | Reply

    and fishes dont have cages , they have aquariums 😉

  9. RisaTheeLizardGirl
    | Reply

    Oh and another thing. Yes ferrets are like babies but, they don’t have to
    be with you ALL the time. Ferrets should sleep about 12 hours a day. They
    also shouldn’t go any longer then four hours without food or water.

  10. NerdGirlsPower Hehe
    | Reply

    Not At All What I Meant, There Are Pet Hotels, And More, You Do Not Have To
    Take Them Everywhere, People Can Have Fun Too. Yeah, I Do Think I Know
    Alot. ^_^ And THAT’S For Someone Who Thinks She/He Knows So Much. Thanks
    For The Info.?

  11. musicsXinXmyXsoul
    | Reply

    @megatwilightjacobfan that was kind of the point. i wrote it first and i
    read off of it so i wouldnt go blank & forget what to say. its in the

  12. Original50
    | Reply

    People have to learn the difference between the natural odour of a ferret
    (the ‘musk’) and the smell of their crap… If we or our cats and dogs used
    the same corner of our bedroom to go for number-two’s several times a day,
    our bodies and clothes (fur) would probably also start to stink quite
    quickly. I owned ferrets for years and they were wonderfully scented,
    because their natural odour actually smells much like bees-wax or honey (to
    me and all the people that knew my ferrets).

  13. NerdGirlsPower Hehe
    | Reply

    I don’t have a ferret yet but I have done at least 50 pages of research and
    from what I know,You do not have to take you ferret “EVERYWHERE” plus they
    sleep for AT LEAST 12 hours a day,and also they don’t HAVE to have a two
    story cage all they do in their cage is use the restroom and sleep they
    come out of their cage to play soo yeah,for someone who thinks she knows so
    much. :/

  14. Samantha F.
    | Reply

    They can have raw and cooked meat but they can only have raw bones if they
    eat cooked bones it will splinter inside of them. Raw bones are good for
    them though cause it helps their teeth and it has a TON of protein…. Also
    when you make duck soup its good to boil the meat and then take it off the
    bone and then but the meat back in the water and take the bone out…. so
    yeah… 🙂

  15. leopard star
    | Reply

    Litter dose not hurt there noses, it couses lung problems. There smell can
    be completely gone with surgery like de-sexing and a smell removel. P.S. if
    your going to make youtube videos, you may want get a mic because your
    voice sounds bad.

  16. linwau
    | Reply

    You’re welcome. 🙂 I volunteer at a ferret shelter in Oregon and have seen
    first hand what a poor or incorrect diet can do to a ferret and it’s really
    heartbreaking. Raw is the best way to go but some ferrets simply won’t take
    to it,my three boys would sooner starve themselves! I feed Evo ferret food.
    Wysong I’ve heard is another great one. Cat food should be a last resort, I
    know some people swear by it but from what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t do it. No
    point when there is good ferret food out there

  17. alisha legault
    | Reply

    Your deffinetlly looking up all the stuff your saying and reading off it !!!

  18. Zazastar1000
    | Reply

    Can you feed your ferret cat food?

  19. Lucas Manoel
    | Reply

    and what about ppl that cant afford a pet sitter huh , u r gonna kill them ?

    | Reply

    what makes you think the ferrets want to wait for you to take them out to
    play? my ferrets play lots in their 2-story cage…so yeah, for someone who
    thinks she knows so much. :/

  21. RisaTheeLizardGirl
    | Reply

    Ferrets do tend to sneez. they get sick really easy so If you are sick try
    not to handle them and make sure you wash your hands. Check their nose, if
    it looks clean you most likely have nothing to worry about. If you feel it
    may be more check with your vet. Better to be safe rather then sorry. I
    hope that helps you. I am not sure on temp I would have to check. Do some
    research online and check more then one souse

  22. ferretfriendsforever
    | Reply

    Ferret food I use the 8 in 1 brand called Ultimate because it is high in
    protein. I use Ferretvite for their supplement. I use the four paw shampoo
    for ferrets which works the best. Bad news, I heard they are not going to
    be making it no more. When I come across it, I buy it.

  23. James Davis
    | Reply

    wot tepcher shod a ferret b and how do you no of thay have a cold ar just

  24. alexandria eddings
    | Reply

    ferrets do stink ive had Memow my ferret for about 2 years and the only way
    to keep the smell tolerable is to wipe them down with a wet cloth

  25. RisaTheeLizardGirl
    | Reply

    Okay because you use vitamins what do you use?

  26. BiteMehs
    | Reply


  27. BiteMehs
    | Reply

    THANK YOU FOR SAYING PARENTS ARE WRONG!! 🙂 cus mine say that n they never
    had one yet lol

  28. Amie Grayson
    | Reply

    I really thought the video helped:) I do have a question though, would it
    be best to get my ferret a buddy when I can’t play with him? Because I hear
    when they get lonely, they starve themselves. Thanks so much:)

  29. oulap54321
    | Reply

    Fish cage….

  30. Mary Lamb
    | Reply

    First off, there are VERY few cat foods that meet the nutritional needs a
    ferret has to have. Secondly, all she said is that its a pet peeve and that
    its very selfish to leave your ferret at home if you have the money to go
    on vacation. And lastly, you’re like 10 and don’t know how to spell.
    Therefore your argument is pointless.

  31. Brittny Davis
    | Reply

    if u go to school and u leave ur ferret do u have to get a babysitter r u
    can leave it and come back

  32. ravenger1222
    | Reply

    I just recently got ferrets and I seen a couple of videos where people say
    they use the wood stove pellets so i went with those and they are right. I
    picked up 2 40lb. bags @ like 5 bucks at menard’s which is like a lowe’s or
    home depot. They are really good at soaking up the urine and keep the smell
    at bay. I heard where you said you bought the recycle paper pellets. I
    started with thos but like 20 bucks for a small bag is kinda crazy. someone
    is making some money off ferret owners lol.

  33. alexandria eddings
    | Reply

    you can leave it alone it will just go to sleep and when you return its
    play time!

    | Reply

    so your saying if I pick up a bag of cat food and a bag of ferret food they
    won’t both say crude protein?

  35. john johnson
    | Reply

    yea, good vid.

  36. linwau
    | Reply

    Unless you’re able to have your ferret out of their cage ALL day, because
    those ’12 hours of sleep’ will be at night, a two story cage is certainly
    needed. There is not enough room for a ferret to move and enjoy themselves
    in a one story cage. You wouldn’t keep a dog in a kennel all day, the same
    goes for a ferret. They are highly intelligent creatures who need constant
    mental stimulation to be happy.

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