Ferret Care – How to Train Your Ferret

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

24 Responses

  1. Branimator
    | Reply

    it also works to get your ferret to come to you if you just shake the treat bag ?

  2. IndigoGypsy8
    | Reply

    what if your ferret is deaf?

  3. Lenore Osorio
    | Reply

    aww I have 2 I did hsad 3 but he passed awsy ,,an yes there very addicting I love them so very much!!!!

  4. HypedYet
    | Reply

    What kind of litter pan is that? I can't find them local.

  5. xXJanValentineXx
    | Reply

    Yes. But it is easily controlled if you scoop their litterbox regularly like you're supposed to. Same with a cat box.

  6. xXJanValentineXx
    | Reply

    Don't waste your money on any cages. The other ones she has(the all metal ones) are the Ferret Nation cages. They are a Godsend when you have ferrets. And believe me when I say, absolutely worth the price you pay over the long run with the stress it reduces from being easier to clean.

  7. xXJanValentineXx
    | Reply

    Yep. I have 5 of my own. :P

  8. MrJuiceBox99
    | Reply

    Did anyone else igore the lady and watch the ferrets playing in the background?

  9. MrJuiceBox99
    | Reply

    They are ADDICTIVE I tell you!!! lol Omg they are so fuzzy and cute and funny to watch…. i could go on and on and on but you probably already know

  10. Deidaraness
    | Reply

    yea i was also wondering if they can come to the noise of its name or is it just object sounds?

  11. Coheed Kilgannon
    | Reply

    Dose anyone know if you can train a ferret to come by voice by saying its name or a command (ex: come their name ect)

  12. xXJanValentineXx
    | Reply

    Tell that to a woman I know who has 48. Lol.

    Most people who own ferrets have 10+ ferrets, I've noticed.

  13. TheProphet6661
    | Reply

    Heh , why didnt I think of that, occupy 3/4 of the corners, durhhh. Great vid, very informative

  14. jetthehawksonicx
    | Reply

    u r asowme

  15. MannerlyGem
    | Reply

    @creature98ful timeouts work well just pick him up by the scruff of his neck then growl set him in a corner and dont let him go anywere untill 2 or 3 mins pass there's tutorials on youtube

  16. McKayla Porter
    | Reply

    are ferrets safe to have in your home if you have parrots? Will the ferret try to attack them?

  17. Sullen Gaijin
    | Reply

    well thanks alot for the help

  18. WaliceInThunderland
    | Reply

    this lady looks like she wants to die

  19. peaceluvNgymnastics
    | Reply

    i want a ferret so bad n i might get one soon 🙂

  20. iLoveNarutoDuh
    | Reply

    Thank you :D

  21. TheKurdt123
    | Reply

    @creature98ful I heard your supposed too grab them by the back of there head and hiss at them.

  22. Emily-Rose M.C.
    | Reply

    @2nekos whenever he bites you, scruff him until he relaxes them tell him in a firm voice "no" then let him go. 

  23. Sara Boyer
    | Reply

    @Lambretta1995 you can never let a ferret of his/her leash as they will run away

  24. Lasugarnandy
    | Reply

    my ferret dosent like trats i dont know why is my secon one and is very different of my first i have try diferent an he doest eat the wgat can i do ?

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