Ferret Care : How to Tell If a Ferret Is Male or Female

To tell if a ferret is male or female, look for the bump of a penis in the middle of the abdomen on males, and identify the female genitalia between the legs and under the tail. Find out how…

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4 Responses

  1. Ali3nGh0stKiller - The Ultimate Gamer
    | Reply

    i do not know if i can buy a ferret

  2. DoodleMustache
    | Reply

    Thx now I know

  3. Joseph Ray
    | Reply

    @rockstarthezoologist They are often neutered/spayed for behavior and
    medical purposes.

  4. toytown72
    | Reply

    when i got my ferret, the store keeper didn’t tell us if it was a she or he
    and didn’t even give us papers on him, only flyers :/

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