Ferret Cages, Ferret Supplies – Ferret Proofing Your Home

http://www.ferretbiting.com How to ferret proof your home. Do you need a ferret cage? Train your ferret to stop nipping and biting.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

12 Responses

  1. burdgeunleashed
    | Reply

    i think he was comparing them to rodents instead of saying they were

  2. Seirc Renihw
    | Reply

    nuh uh!

  3. AlliBunker
    | Reply

    If you love ferrets so much, wouldn’t you know that they aren’t rodents?!?!

  4. musicmage1
    | Reply

    pretty kinda good

  5. pur3slaughter
    | Reply

    Ferrets aren’t rodents numbnuts

  6. Hopesasha
    | Reply

    0:27 That ferret is so UGLY!!!!

  7. AnimalCrazed4eva
    | Reply

    Ferrets are no rodents buddy!

  8. MsGingerWolf
    | Reply

    These were awesome great facts thank you

  9. Lily Izenhower
    | Reply

    thnx i want to purchace a ferret, and ive been recerching about ferrets for
    months, this video really helped me (=

  10. MrCampbellstreet
    | Reply

    dude thank you so much i have watched all your vids and they have helped so

  11. LozziieeLauren
    | Reply

    U mad bro?

  12. ILUVMagic1000
    | Reply

    omg are u crazy ferrets are not rodents and u call yourself a ferret lover

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