Ferret bite, how to stop your ferret biting

If you would like to know more how to stop your ferret from biting and other ferret tricks, check out: http://www.ferret-as-pets.cjb.net This is one way to s…

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42 Responses

  1. Cindafukinrella
    | Reply

    Buy “ferretone” same effect but better

  2. Rainbowunicornsfly1
    | Reply

    Well actually you should use water it’s wayyy better for them

  3. Walter Ruiz
    | Reply

    THIS is gay i tried this and he bit me VIDEO+FERRET=BLOOD

  4. queuetip
    | Reply

    @ImACuteGeek One of my ferrets used to have a real problem with biting. I
    used this method and it makes a lot more sense to me than putting stuff on
    your fingers–i don’t see how that will stop the biting behavior. When your
    ferret bites, grab it by the scruff of the neck IMMEDIATELY (very
    important) and hiss at it and/or drag its back across the floor. That’s how
    a mother ferret tells her baby he’s getting too rough with the playing.
    Make sure you do it every time it bites.

  5. Nigel Jones
    | Reply

    @xoxokenoxoxo you can get some ferret tone its an oil for there skin and
    coat put some on the other ferret and they will lick eachother hope it

  6. BettyBlowtorchRocks
    | Reply

    small amounts of milk dont hurt them, cuple drops here and there as long as
    they have a good diet otherwise

  7. Willy Feuchter
    | Reply

    ferrets drink milk and they could get sick

  8. Crab Nicholson
    | Reply

    Why dont you show us where it says OBLIGATE CARNIVORES should eat fruit and

  9. Renard380
    | Reply

    …because sick or dead ferrets don’t bite anymore. Ferret + milk = FAIL

  10. janetwill81
    | Reply

    maybe instead of milk, u can use tuna juice or that soft cat food that
    kittens get when babies……

  11. theAXELnater274
    | Reply

    @aIexyeah Oh, alright and how long does this last?

  12. Alexies Fabian
    | Reply

    @theAXELnater274 if there’s no blood spilled then they’re just playing or
    trying to establish dominance and see who’s alpha ferret ;D

  13. Al123456ize
    | Reply

    your susposed to put this ferret choclate stuff you get from the pet store
    its like this tar stuff tht i used when mine were babies to get them to
    stop biting me.

  14. misskarolinawu
    | Reply

    mine will lick even water off my fingers :]

  15. clayhorse1
    | Reply

    lol when i did that (i did it with ferretone instead) she started liking
    then thought my finger was a snack and started chewing on it XD. 🙂

  16. OhYeaBriana
    | Reply

    Use water instead of milk. They love wet skin.

  17. Kodiak091170
    | Reply

    Lol, I have not tought of that one! Thanks!

  18. XxbritpupxX
    | Reply

    Could you do this with the jelly stuff off of cat meat? I don’t wanna use
    milk as its not good for them and I hate the smell of it ! haha!

  19. nunya biznus
    | Reply

    @Guineapiglover9874 lactose intolerant*

  20. Crab Nicholson
    | Reply

    You are killing your ferret. Ferrets are OBLIGATE CARNIVORES! They do not
    possess the physiology to digest vegetable matter at all.

  21. Joshua James
    | Reply

    @Guineapiglover9874 LMAO, “lactose and tolerant!” You gotta be kidding me 🙂

  22. theAXELnater274
    | Reply

    One of my ferrets keeps bighting another 1 of my ferrets, they are both
    about the same age less than a year old and sometimes I see my ferret
    bighting that same ferret sometimes all of my other ferret get bit by him
    too. But my oldest ferret always whoops the evil ferrets ass when he bites
    him but anyway, How can I get my ferret to stop bighting them?

  23. matsgaylord
    | Reply

    ferret suffer from intolerance to milk shouldn’t give him some milk …

  24. Kaem Blu
    | Reply

    @masterkid101 Give them a small amount of lactose free kitten milk/ alpro
    soya milk…..???!!!!! Thats what I do!

  25. Crab Nicholson
    | Reply

    Even most ferret food isnt the best food for them. It may be a cheap
    alternative to raw meats but look into which brand is the best and contains
    no grains or other vegetable matter. Alot do.

  26. Guineapiglover9874
    | Reply

    Sorry but ferrets are lactose and tolerant and milk would upset their

  27. max buster
    | Reply

    not listen to still shit mike is bad for ferrets

  28. Joe Beiter
    | Reply

    Wow… This definitely didn’t need to be anywhere over 10 seconds long, let
    alone 83 >.<

  29. Azia Connor
    | Reply

    i have a ferret shes never hurt eney one in her life!!

  30. Melissa Velmor
    | Reply

    hey people, so in this video it says to put milk on your fingers to stop
    biting.. milk is bad for ferrets so instead you can use some ferret
    squirtible treats, you can get them at your local petshop or ferret.com! 🙂

  31. Hanuhman
    | Reply

    Best way to stop him/her from nipping (not biting) is to say Ahh! or Ouch!
    That’ll stop them very quickly because you will have them thinking that
    they have hurt you. Ferrets are very social animals, so they don’t really
    want to hurt you (unless you give them a very good reason to) Nipping and
    Biting are very different. Don’t mix tyhem up. Biting involves blood will
    nipping is more like a pinch with teeth

  32. Brndnrchrdsn85
    | Reply

    Ive come to realize ferret owners are annoying as fuck… don’t do this!
    are you stupid? like a little milk is really gonna hurt….

  33. deathkillerwhale
    | Reply

    Give it Goats Milk from pet stores.

  34. kroxxy123
    | Reply

    my ferret is a biter. when she play bites it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t
    bother me. but when she clamps down and shakes her head i correct her. you
    do not use milk that can make them very sick. you grab there scruff. it
    doesn’t hurt them it relaxes them and tells them what they are doing is
    wrong. i’ve been using this method and it has worked.

  35. Azia Connor
    | Reply

    well i give mine feeret food

  36. TerrieClarissa
    | Reply

    @masterkid101 It’s the same as cats,you give them cat milk as it has very
    low lactose,but added calcium and vitamins,my ferrets look forward to a
    drop of that evey bedtime.They also like chicken baby food,their favourate
    too.Small dosages don’t give them any problems and it’s treats that they
    look forward to.

  37. john johnson
    | Reply

    I stop my ferret by loudly screaming “Hammertime.”

  38. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    @ImACuteGeek Nope. Ferrets are carnivores and can’t digest anything other
    than meat. No fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, milk, or sugars. You can
    use olive oil or Ferretone

  39. kaeso100
    | Reply

    Lactose free milk in small amounts is ok to give to ferrets.

  40. lijppie
    | Reply

    Do some research yourselve! vegetables are bad for carnivores. they eat
    meat, like mice and rats and so on

  41. BAK87
    | Reply

    You need to TRAIN your ferret!! Not feed him SHIT :S geez

  42. Cheryl Bailey
    | Reply

    you do not no anething about ferrets.

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