Feathered Phonics The Easy Way To Teach Your Bird To Speak Volume 1: 96 Words and Phrases

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Volume 1: 96 Words & Phrases! This is the CD that has birds talking! It’s easy to teach your bird to speak with Feathered Phonics! Simply choose the track you wish to teach and press “repeat” on your CD player. CD includes 96 tracks of words and phrases including Hello, Goodbye, I love you, Here Kitty Kitty and much more!Volume 1: 96 Words and Phrases

Product Features

  • Award-winning audio CD teaches parrots how to speak quickly and easily
  • Choose preferred teaching track and press “repeat” on CD player
  • 96 words and phrases including Hello, Goodbye, I love you, and much more
  • Great for parakeets, parrots, cockatiels, and cockatoos
  • Entertaining for people, as well as rewarding and fun for the birds

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2 Responses

  1. Mor and Tookie
    | Reply

    Waste of Money This is the biggest waste of money – do not buy it – it will not work!It’s just people saying a certain word, then a 10 second pause … then a different word and another 10 second pause. You can create your own if you really want to try this.But you really should not leave this on for your bird all day – it should be done in 10 minute intervals only or your bird may get irritated by it (i know i get irritated by it after only 2 words).Don’t waste your money on this.

  2. Eena "mom of 3 monsters"
    | Reply

    waste of money seriously, buy a tape recorder and just play it continuously to your bird. at least then, it will be your own voice he’s hearing and not just some random person saying ‘hello’ over and and over again. i’m sure repitition is good for them to learn, but i paid $11.99 for this? the entire cd is made up of random words or phrases all about 3-5 seconds long. the idea is to choose the one you want your bird to learn and then put the that track of the cd on repeat. it makes sense, but really, couldn’t you do it yourself for free? also, alot of the words are things i wouln’t want him to learn anyway, just random stuff you wouldn’t normally even say yourself.

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