Facing The Firing Squad: Getting A Lot Of Questions Is The Difference Between A Good Or Bad Breeder

Facing The Firing Squad: Getting A Lot Of Questions Is The Difference Between A Good Or Bad Breeder

By Grant Carroll

No one likes being questioned, especially about being a fit pet parent, but a responsible pet owner will see it as an opportunity to get a great dog. It’s no secret that higher quality breeders and stores care about the animals they give away or sell, and this care is reflected in the pets. So, if the place your getting a pet from is asking tons of questions about the home in which the animal will live, then take heart because you’ve found a good pet dealer. Any good breeder or sales associate will ask about your motives, home life, and knowledge of pet ownership.

Why do you want this dog or cat? Make sure you are prepared to tell them what motivates you to get a new pet. If you’re just getting it to appease a child or as a gift, then don’t be surprised if the breeder or store doesn’t sell to you. The people who get pets are the ones that have want to add a family member to love. It’s important to think and debate on whether or not your family could take a dog or cat, and be sure to tell the breeder that the entire family has talked about it. This proves that you want a new pet for all the right reasons.

What is your home like? Don’t be offended if they ask about the quality of your home or the amount of children present. They need to make sure that the home they’re sending the animal to is suitable. Small children or too many children could make for a poor environment for a new dog or cat, especially one with special needs. Also, the size of the home may be important if you’re getting a larger breed. It will also be important to establish that your home schedule will fit a new pet. Will you be there enough to properly care for it? These are questions you should be asking yourself before you even see a breeder.

How much do you know about owning pets? It’s important that you know the basics of how and when to feed, bathe and groom your new pet. The breeder will want to make sure you know these things so that you can provide proper care. When you do get to this point, just remember to not be offended and to be prepared to answer all questions. You’ll be on your way to happy pet ownership in no time!

Grant Carroll proud father of four dogs and co-owner of http://www.littlepamperedpets.com with Dog Clothes and Small Dog Sweaters

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