Exotic Pets Are Great, But?

By Lance Winslow

Exotic Pets are great but they can cause severe problems to eco-systems if not kept in check. This is because introducing an exotic pet into the wild near your home could cause it to eat everything in site with no predators and with an abundance of food and no enemies it will start reproducing rapidly.

There are numerous examples of such from snakes and lizards to ferrets and large animals of prey. Why even the New York Sewer System is said to have alligators down there that prey on lost pets and perhaps homeless people, who knows. Urban legends, oh sure some are but there have been many captures by city workers and animal control professionals.

It is of great importance that those who seek and attain exotic pets to take responsibility for their actions. A little tiger cub is a fun animal but in less than a few years the fun is over and there is a real problem indeed. Such animals of prey are indeed spectacular and exotic animal shows always draw crowds. Even Zoo Keepers will tell you that the more exotic the longer the lines.

Some folks just do not take this responsibility correctly and seem to have more money than brains when it comes to exotic animals. If you are considering an exotic animal, then study up on all the facts and know what you are getting into. The responsibility is yours and this should not be taken lightly. Please consider all this in 2006.

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