Everything You Need to Train Your Dog!

Here are the essentials you need to train your dog! This video is sponsored by Rover! Visit http://www.Rover.com/ZakGeorge and enter Promo Code ZakGeorge for $25 off of your first booking!

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23 Responses

  1. Kevin Lee
    | Reply

    Check out the brain training for Dogs course now. http://bit.ly/BrainTrain4Dogs

    It’s great for eliminating any bad behaviors by tapping into your dog’s hidden intelligence.

  2. *_,/Grace,_ *
    | Reply

    Earlyishhhhh ……

  3. Peep Quack
    | Reply

    You are quite possibly the greatest dog training Youtuber.

  4. Nocturn
    | Reply

    i dont know why iam here, i dont even have a dog. but its interesting^^.

  5. safe box
    | Reply

    This is a very good way to train your dog and make him more intelligent

  6. farhan vines
    | Reply

    I wanna buy a siberian husky but it doesnt suit my climate which breed should i buy

  7. Chris Lauw
    | Reply

    Hi Zak. I'm Chris from Indonesia. I have a Pomeranian puppy and she is 18 weeks old now. I'm having a little difficulty to train her since she is so active like always play biting and can not really pay attention.

    She has learnt to sit and shake hand but the command effective only when I got treats in my hand. Now I'm trying to teach her to lie down, but after she sits and trying to reach my hand on the floor with her mouth she end up standing.

    And now whenever I have treats for her, and said to sit but she lie down instead.

    Please help on what should I do.

    Thanks buddy

  8. Joshuatree251
    | Reply

    I just want to say you are amazing and thank you . I have made more progress with my 12 week old Rottweiler in the last three weeks than most dogs I have ever met have made there hole lives !! I’ve got all my friends watching you thanks so much again !

  9. Virginia Church
    | Reply

    i would be careful leaving tags on your dog collar. my dog likes to lay on the vents in the house and his collar got stuck and almost lid down in the vent. (he was 5 pounds at the time) it can also happen on a deck as i heard a dog near me died because he got stuck. i would only put them on when they are out.

  10. FilmerJared
    | Reply

    I legitimately love Rover.

  11. LuckyMe
    | Reply

    So this is the dog that interrupts my vids on YouTube..S9 advertisements

  12. Sophies Journey
    | Reply

    You are awesome Zak! Thanks for all you are teaching me. You have inspired me to make my own dog video and I don't even have a dog yet! Check it out and comment something!!! Please!!!

  13. Daniel S
    | Reply

    my dog is scared of squeaky toys though

  14. Synbiotic
    | Reply

    I just got a husky shepherd mix puppy, and she really doesn't like treats, we have tried lots of soft treats and nothing. Most video emphasize treat encouragement and I can't if she doesn't want to eat them. Help please??

  15. Knitting Crazy
    | Reply

    Just got the book today how I discovered this channel

  16. AccCraimer
    | Reply

    I have a fearful alaskan husky male, 2y/o, had him for a year. We walk a lot and go to the dog park a few times a week. When we walk past strangers, he panics, pulls and tries to get away. Often he starts to whine or whimper when he sees people, even from over 100m+ away. Generally i cant get his attention while outside unless its completely quite or night time, even with the best of treats. At home he is calm and loving towards me and regular visitors. What techniques should i try?

  17. Isabella Schuchard
    | Reply

    I’m going to get a puppy.

  18. Ange Greenwood
    | Reply

    Cool hi pancake

  19. Dane Carlson
    | Reply

    Picking up my chocolate lab puppy tomorrow 😀

  20. Jawny Crosby
    | Reply

    Hi Zak! I need some advice on dog aggression if you wouldn't mind… I have a one year old German Shepherd and he is AMAZING! We have learned SO many tricks together thanks to your videos and he used to be amazing on a leash for walks but since I got pregnant I've been kinda scared to take him because he's been getting WAY too protective. He freaks out when he sees guys or other animals. He is fine with guys and animals if I'm not around but if I am he goes into freak mode and will pull super hard toward them, growls and barks, and all his hair on his back goes up. He's 100 pounds and I'm only 110 pounds so its hard on me and dangerous because I'm not trying to be pulled by him while I'm pregnant or anytime for that matter. He growls at guys that walk by or if a guy tried talking to me he freaks. I like his protective side but only to an extent. He is fine with most girls but not all. He is good with my boyfriend who lives with us and is super good with kids but that's about it. I want to be able to take him on walks again and to dog parks and out in public but it's so nerve wrecking for me. A dog trainer isn't an option so please leave that out. I have been trying to reward good behaviors, correct bad behaviors, ignore bad behaviors and introducing him to multiple people but most guys don't want to meet him which I can't blame them. Please help. We're adventures and we like to travel so this is really hard on me.

  21. Moonxoxo
    | Reply

    My dog will walk with me for a while and then he’ll plop down on the ground and not move. He usually does it when he doesn’t want to go a certain way or leave a spot, and when he has come back in the house. It really frustrating at times. I tried usually treats as a lure. It doesn’t work. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated!

  22. Aakarsh Sharma
    | Reply

    Bro what do you give him for reward ?

  23. clash of clashers
    | Reply

    hey Zak bro a man named peter is makeing videos against you his channels name is peter canaries dog training

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