EPIC FAIL Rad Repeatin Tarzan Funny Video by Mike Mozart JeepersMedia With Saw Puppet

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Epic Failure Disney Rad Repeatin Tarzan is the Most Hilarious XDDD Disney TOY EVER! ( Saw Puppet from the Saw Movies makes a guest Appearance!) Disney’s Famous Tarzan Doll by Mattel with the Funny Spank the Monkey Action is Reviewed by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia the Funniest Channel on YouTube Jeepers Media Bringing You the Funny Video Toy Video Reviews of the Funniest Products of Yesterday and Today!

What do you think?

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24 Responses

  1. XxsalukiloverxX
    | Reply

    HAHAH PRESS SIX WEN U WATCH IT LOL i can imagen some little kid comin up to it sayin “mummie, mummie look at this toy” *presses buton* tarzam=”hello would you like to play a game”
    kid=”ahhh” *dropps on ground runs cryin* lol the thought of it 😀

  2. actinoidlanthanoid
    | Reply

    put him behind another action figure, and tarzan will give it a reach-around XD

  3. CNetherny
    | Reply

    Nothin’ else to do in the jungle…. <_<

  4. TTTwinnie
    | Reply

    Wow! First whack off toy for kids! LMAO!

  5. MrKoiking1
    | Reply

    lol roflcopter soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi

  6. JFredUK
    | Reply

    Ungawa. Me, Tarzan, like to polish banana for Cheetah.

  7. fulyshited
    | Reply

    tarzan is rly lonely

  8. tonyxxxchuc
    | Reply


  9. oreodurte
    | Reply

    hold up, so, tarzan is basicaly stabbing his balls once you put the knife in his hands?!?! O.o ……….. awsome toy ! ^.^

  10. oreodurte
    | Reply

    @CNetherny that must mean Jane decided to go back to england after all 🙁

  11. legomaxmania
    | Reply

    with the knife he wants to be a woman!!!!!

  12. saturos13
    | Reply

    AaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa LOL!

    | Reply

    Why am I seeing a Liberal Party of Canada attack ad before the beginning? I didn’t know Google did business with political parties.

  14. notoriouscowart
    | Reply

    i had that!

  15. citifan09
    | Reply

    it gets lonely in the jungle

  16. Esupikus
    | Reply

    I make the same sounds when i fap

  17. TheBatmanSmells
    | Reply

    I wonder what would happen if Jane found out about this XD lololol

  18. frankenstacy77
    | Reply

    He’s a cutie! haha

  19. MrJhuneo1
    | Reply

    Right when I saw jiggsaw, I looked away from the screen

  20. RobertAniFreak
    | Reply

    “Hello… Would you like to play a game”
    *faps as he is speaking *
    LOL try giving this to your kids XD

  21. scottishdrunk097
    | Reply

    Press 4 for Clefairy

  22. hazmatsquid420
    | Reply

    Press 1 for cat piss! lol

  23. ScarKim
    | Reply

    I mean really now! 😀

  24. RomaPerrypt887
    | Reply


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