Enhance or Create Your Community Dog Park

LunaDo you ever feel like you’re not welcome at the local park when you have your dog with you? Then maybe it’s time to try carving a spot of your own in the park that would benefit other dog owners too. But where do you start and how much is it going to cost?

Recently, a group of dog owners held a fundraiser at Brown County Park and Pet Exercise Area, because they were trying to make some improvements that would cost $15,000. To reach their goal, the 60 members put food, gift baskets and dog collars on sale. They also raised $650 just by having a plant sale the week before.

Taking on an endeavor like this is involved, so it requires organization, passion and commitment. However, if you know other dog owners who will support you, you have a better chance of achieving your goal. Plus, you will need to attend park or city meetings and present your idea for consideration. Unless, of course, you own a lot of land that you’re willing to turn into a dog park.

Receiving approval and drumming up funding will be your biggest challenges, but they are not impossible obstacles to overcome. Before presenting your idea, create an organized plan of action that includes how you will raise money, what structures need built and how this will benefit the park and community. For example, the Brown County Park and Pet Exercise Area charges a $2 a day fee or $15 for an annual pass. Their improvements included a new fence, bridge and miscellaneous expense.

Although certain states are gaining more pet-friendly places, there are still ones that have close to nothing. If you’re located in these areas, it can be challenging to find a fun place to take your pooch for an afternoon stroll or to socialize, which makes a dog park seem like the perfect idea.

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