Electronic Dog Doors

Electronic Dog Doors

By Thomas Morva

Because you maintain a hectic calendar, you probably have to leave your dog at home alone on many an occasion. The good thing is that dogs act as guards who keep strangers and intruders away from your property. There have been innumerable cases of burglary, however, where the dog doors were used as the point of entry. The plain hanging screen dog doors are major attractions for burglars as they prove easy to be opened. The bad thing is your poor dog needs to get in and out of the house when you’re not there.

To keep this from happening to you, buy electronic dog doors instead. Electronic dog doors are much safer because they can only be operated through the use of electronic keys. These electronic keys can be placed on the collars of your pets so that only it can gain access to the electronic passageway.

Electronic dog doors are endowed with a directional sensing system that determines the distance of the dog from the door. Information regarding the direction that the dog is going is sent to the dog door system, so it will not open when the dog is just walking around, sleeping, sitting or eating nearby. The door is only unlocked when the pet is aiming at the door’s exact direction.

Electronic dog doors are the best to use. With such a door, you can be assured that unwanted guests can never enter your home, and that all your belongings – including your dog – are always safe and secure.

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