Easy, Dog Trick: How to Teach your Dog to Speak or Bark When you Ask.

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50 Responses

  1. RayAvery23
    | Reply

    Every video I watch of yours actually work, great job and keep up the great

  2. David Friedman
    | Reply

    Zak you have such a fun and positive attitude towards training and teaching
    it is contagious. I am sure one day you’ll make an amazing dad too.

  3. thatkidmorganmariah
    | Reply

    my dog barks all the time when I don’t want her to, but won’t make a sound
    if she knows I’m looking at her. mostly it’s from her kennel when someone
    walks passed the window and looks up (I live on the 2nd floor of my apt) or
    when she thinks someone is at the door. if she’s out in the apt and someone
    knocks on the door, she runs to the door barking, and doesn’t even realize
    I’m there. since she’s a pit bull, I’d rather her not do that as it
    increases the view that pibbles are aggressive and mean. she really really
    REALLY just wants to meet a new friend. once she knows someone’s walk, and
    how they climb the stairs, she just rushes to the door to greet them with
    licks and love, without all the noise. I want to train “speak” so I can
    also work on “quiet,” I just don’t think she’ll bark for a treat. she will
    do anything for a treat, including sit quietly until I’m ready to give it
    to her, which goes against this entire video :(

  4. kevin smith
    | Reply

    That dog is so cute it has different color eyes

  5. Millena Moon
    | Reply

    im teaching my dog, because its always silent, we need a party with my dog
    too ;)

  6. Filip Lindquist
    | Reply

    We just tried your technique on our 9 months Staffordshire bull terrier
    Greta. It took about 5 minutes for her to learn it. Thanks!

  7. sinistercharlie
    | Reply

    god damm my dog is retarded…

  8. robert pena
    | Reply

    I’m gust going to get a puppy so I’m watching how to train your dog

  9. Tyler Price
    | Reply

    Milkbones, my dog LOVES milkbones

  10. CJtheepicgamer
    | Reply

    i used the stuff my dog loves and i did what you said and my dog wont do it
    do you know why all she did was sit and shake but she already know that

  11. Pavol Brunovsky
    | Reply


  12. genti bledi
    | Reply

    can you teach us how to train dogs to attack on command

  13. elements1985
    | Reply

    This guy is hilarious. HAHA.

  14. Ducttapeismylife
    | Reply

    where do you get the clicker 

  15. Jessica Birtwistle
    | Reply


  16. Brandy Von bleicken
    | Reply

    That dog is acting like a fool lol NEXT!

  17. Dionisius Jordi
    | Reply

    Train my dog to bark please but my dog never bark

  18. MyPets
    | Reply

    You make it look so easy 🙁 both my dogs never bark

  19. Lewis Allen
    | Reply

    please comment, how do you get your dog to bark even if he never barks for
    anything ?

  20. maxdecphoenix
    | Reply

    Not every human is into science. or sports. or art. Some are hyper-active.
    Others are mellow stoners. Animals are the same. Have you never seen a
    super active dog? Or a really territorial cat? Animals have just as many
    temperaments and idiosyncrasies as humans. Some just need more work than
    others. I can’t imagine though that there is not a particular food that
    will bring out the dog’s ambition.

  21. Geardo Lopez
    | Reply

    yeah, i have to bark at my pug to make it bark!!

  22. Sarah Pan
    | Reply

    I just hope that my parents will decide to get me a pet very soon… 🙁

  23. Dat Dum Blonde
    | Reply

    My dog is 8 months old she lives outside and when my parents are on the
    porch outside she barks about once but any time I’m around her she won’t

  24. Sarah Pan
    | Reply


  25. Calyn Clark
    | Reply

    My dog doesn’t seem to be interested in cheese or treats. And doesn’t take
    interest in toys. I’m not sure what to do

  26. Bree Kiech
    | Reply

    Indy learns to speak!!!

  27. rose bobby
    | Reply

    Is that a border collie

  28. Lanner J
    | Reply

    Haha sometimes certain dogs aren’t as talkative as others…I found having
    the dog excited really helps, perhaps find a video with a dog distinctively
    barking (perhaps with a few seconds in between) and when he barks you say
    “speak”. Again, a dog is much more susceptible to barking if they’re
    excited/happy 🙂

  29. mfts_dany
    | Reply

    i need help man i try i love my dog but she wont bark just cus i wan to she
    just does not bark at all im scared for her is this normal for a golden
    retriever ?

  30. weed munchler
    | Reply

    if ur a good owner ur dog knows whos boss and its also alot about loyalty
    dogs are super good with that, now talking about alpha thats so extra
    …now if it was a wolf i would understand stand cause thts a freaking wild
    animal. U could raise a bunch of baby wolves as u being alpha of the pack
    for a pretty good while, until theybecome adults, thats the diffrence, a
    wolf pack will naturally through life of the pac fight certain members in
    there pack to take over certain positions..like alpha…..

    | Reply

    good boy” ^^

  32. Aleksandar Crnoglavac
    | Reply

    Wow amazing 😀 you got a subscribe from me bro.

  33. dont eat animals
    | Reply

    I’ve been wondering how to do this. My little 3 yr old Chihuahua mix is the
    star of a neighborhood filled with dog owners/walkers. She knows at least
    35 words & is very friendly. This looks promising. TY for posting.

  34. tavito182
    | Reply

    Zak you’re just amaizing, love how you treat your dogs and how pacient you
    are, wow! you got me amazed.

  35. FireSoulsGamingTV
    | Reply

    I have a rhodesian ridgeback and i have been trying to make him bark for
    the last hour but he got really tired so i just left him rest. I will try
    again tomorrow and hope that he barks this time 😐 He did everything else
    but barking…

  36. Dave B
    | Reply

    Useless, my dog barely barks except to warn people off.

  37. Joseph Heim
    | Reply

    Same dog I have!! Australian Shepard border collie

  38. Sydney Figueroa
    | Reply

    I am 13 years ol and My beagle is 8 months old. He was in a hoarding
    situation and had parvo. He was smacked around a lot and was living in
    filth. He NEVER barks. In his early months of life he never got to act like
    a puppy should. He only barks if he hears another dog from outside. I have
    trained him to sit, stay, shake, high five, and roll over but teaching him
    to not pull on a leash and to speak is very heard and frustrating.!

  39. EsmeTheStafford
    | Reply

    You looked so excited you literally kissed her! love the fact that she’s a
    rescue too, I have a Boxer rescue they’re extremely clever.

  40. Juliette Miller
    | Reply

    Border collie mix

  41. weed munchler
    | Reply

    sir may i tell you…. you are amazing and im subscribing rite now and im
    ashamed im just now getting to this video , ur amazing

  42. haylz27
    | Reply

    Can someone explain how to STOP my 11 week Aussie from barking? He’s
    recently found his voice and sometimes doesn’t stop, he’s exercised well
    and has lots of things to entertain him including our other dogs (one of
    the main things he barks at especially when wanting to play) Should I just
    let him bark?

  43. Svea Moody
    | Reply

    ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! my dog did everything but bark or whine!!!!

  44. leon weatherall
    | Reply

    how do u teach your dog when she just doesnt get it ??? I have a 6 month
    old old english bulldog she just sits at your feet i’ve done this for 15
    mins and nothing. She only barks when someone knocks at the door

  45. RMP Ignacio.
    | Reply

    Dude, you rock! I’m gonna get a dog on the next 2 days and I’ll train and
    love my dog just as you train and love yours. 😀

  46. pangdebbie123
    | Reply

    Cheese is bad 4 dogs

  47. Fernando Villatoro
    | Reply

    what do you think about huskies? i have one and he just quiet

  48. Stephany Grajales
    | Reply

    i tried this on my dog but now hes barking at the door and his furr is all

  49. caiwei yang
    | Reply

    well… here’s the thing with my dog… once he figured he’s tried hard
    enough, he gives up and lay back down gives that little attitude like
    “fine! keep it!!”

  50. Bethany Trevino
    | Reply

    It kind of worked but with a ball he got stuck under the bed.

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