Dressage Training: How to train flying changes

Are you struggling to teach your horse flying changes? This simple exercise should help! Dressage is all about the training and this exercise breaks things down so that your horse can better understand the flying change. In this video I am riding my horse Gatsby, Sir Donnerhall x Jazz.

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7 Responses

  1. Pferdecoach
    | Reply

    YES ! i agree at minute 3.28 …the same feeling as starting from walk to canter but while cantering ….soooo easy……same as Nuno Oliveira said… but people have to have to know which is the outside rein before …..*smile*….with that there is no need to change leg position soooo obvious or body position ….*smile*

  2. Persian771
    | Reply

    Beautiful horse.

  3. Kylie De Lauren
    | Reply

    also how do you do haunches in and make it clear to the horse that I'm not asking for canter?

  4. Kylie De Lauren
    | Reply

    Amelia, I have a canter question. when you are cantering left (or right per se) where do you place the nose? in alignment with the left shoulder or square in front of the chest?

  5. Leslie Hahn
    | Reply

    I needed this video with one of my horses!!! Thank you🐴❤️🍸💋

  6. Kylie De Lauren
    | Reply

    you are amazing. this video has almost 7k views. i was 6,999 of them lol. jk. thank you for making this

  7. Avahorselover1719 Spencer
    | Reply

    This video helped me so much!!! Thx!!

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