Dora the Explorer AquaPet FAIL TOYS Funny Naughty Dora Toy Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Epic Fail Funny Video- Naughty Dora the Explorer “FAIL TOY” AquaPet Funny Video Fail Toy Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia. Dora the Explorer Fail Toy with a very funny and “Unusual Shape! This is one of Mike Mozarts most Viewed Funny Video Fail Toy Review Videos Ever! This is a Fair Use Video, Funniest Video Ever of a Hilarious LMAO FAIL TOY by Michael Mozart of Jeepers Media on YouTube Check out alkl my OTHER Fail Dora the Explorer toys on TheToyChannel on YouTube Don’t Miss Mike Mozart’s Funny FAIL Toy Review of the Epic Fail Imaginex Dinosaurs by Fisher Price with the inappropriate triggers.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. InjectedWithAPoison
    | Reply

    I imagine what that toy explores when the owner hits puberty…

  2. llVIU
    | Reply

    do you really have to use all the cartoony sound effects? ok seriously the toy is stupid but you’re really overacting

  3. Birdmanul2
    | Reply

    1138 people couldn’t fit dora the explorer up their assholes.

  4. KeisukeNINJA
    | Reply

    @Birdmanul2 38,964 could?

  5. Birdmanul2
    | Reply

    @KeisukeNINJA yup.

  6. TheDrev
    | Reply

    Dora drowning in a plastic dick… I never thought i’d see that

  7. kaitlyn1601
    | Reply

    weird every time i watch dora with my neighbor doras not drowning i guess swiper was tired of her and boots saying swiper stop swiping and he swiped her and kep her

  8. yellowflip9992
    | Reply

    thumbs up for peter griffin

  9. CodyLee3218
    | Reply

    that would be a good dildo for ladies XD

  10. erindonahue123
    | Reply

    i had one of those when i was 5 or 6……..i now realize why my mom didnt want me to have that ๐Ÿ™

  11. uiuna1
    | Reply

    i use to play with aqua pets…. i couldn’t get em’ to do anything eather

  12. DraqonGod
    | Reply

    Dora the Cave Explorer and Dora the Sperm !

  13. nonilima1
    | Reply

    It was pretty obivious

  14. 713icecold
    | Reply

    it’s my friends birthday coming up i’ll get him that

  15. inoshimadara
    | Reply

    normally chatting and dating site

  16. SuperMarkerComicBro
    | Reply

    More like AquaPenis

  17. jasonjonesaz
    | Reply

    die dora

  18. LucaBarberis
    | Reply

    “just like some others, this guy got sponsored by proffesionals
    just like many others, they didnt
    just like many others, you wont take this into consideration.
    just like many others, im a young guy trying to have some fun on youtube.
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  19. fralovers
    | Reply

    they must really hate dora

  20. maxcwilson
    | Reply

    Dora in adick lol

  21. whatislife12
    | Reply

    the only thing dora explores….IS HER MOTHERS ANUS!!

  22. ethfartdude35
    | Reply

    its not made 4 children its made 4 ur mom

  23. gamemaster21301
    | Reply

    it stands for dick

  24. sunnycheesecake
    | Reply

    dora se estรก ahogando!

  25. MultiJade
    | Reply

    Dora se ahoga or Dora se esta ahogando

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