Dog Trick! How to Train Your Dog to Sit Pretty!

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36 Responses

  1. Shant Y
    | Reply

    Hey Zak! Can you make a video about teaching your dog not to pee in the

  2. NotFamousKid
    | Reply

    Can you make a video in when to stop using treats as rewards for example I
    tought my border collie/ german shepherd to spin yesterday (picked it up in
    five minutes) but will only do it when I have a treat in my hand. When
    should I stop using the treats?

  3. Ken Khuzae
    | Reply

    awesome video
    and even more awesome ad

    it doesn’t feel too pushed

    everybody here should be happy with this ,
    u need this to make a living
    and this is amazing

  4. NotFamousKid
    | Reply

    Also my dog just sniffs up and doesn’t even try to get the treat in my
    hand:(!is he too old he is six

  5. Petco
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great tips! 

  6. austin livers
    | Reply

    this guy is awesome

  7. Chris Davies
    | Reply

    Great video. This will definitely be on my list of tricks to teach my pups.

    I have 2 Pitbull/Husky mixes, both girls, from the same litter who are 4
    1/2 months old. They already know so many tricks, including roll over,
    thanks to your videos! 

  8. Ken Khuzae
    | Reply

    ok one question

    i mean
    1- i feel like i could be using the hand for something else , like i only
    have two hand , to i guide him or signal or hold the treat or the ticker
    ,,, thats too much for me i feel tired just thinking about it
    2- i feel like i can do the clicker voice with me mouth like i don’t know
    how to explain just go
    trokkk , popping my tongue, it sounds just like a ticker

    or does the ticker do something different ???

  9. Pat Forster
    | Reply

    If a dog is making a breakthrough, should you click multiple times to show
    what they are doing is really good?

  10. Joy Victory
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, what a fantastic video! I love the puppy stuff and the trick
    training. I think the emphasis that you put on patience and keeping the
    frustration level down for both the trainer and the dog is an apt reminder.
    Thank you. When do you add a hand signal into the training process? Do you
    add it right away or wait until the dog has the trick down well. The puppy
    seems to be responding to hand signals better than to a voice command.
    That’s never happened before. She looks to my hands first. 

  11. ProSportGaming
    | Reply

    Are german shepherd hard to train?

  12. Abdell Atra
    | Reply

    My dog doesnt put his paw in my hand

  13. Ashley Duharte
    | Reply

    This video could come in a better time. This is what I am trying to teach
    my dog sit this week is sit pretty. Thank you. I think another grate video
    to make is cover your eyes and how to do the in and out of your legs the
    finger 8. I love teaching my dog new thing. 

  14. Bob Turitz
    | Reply

    Love the trick lessons!!! Also love when you have Bree in front of the
    camera. You guys are great together!!

  15. Seth Butler
    | Reply

    My grandpa has a dog and she knows how to sit and let my grandpa put a
    treat on her nose and she won’t eat the treat until my grandpa tells her
    she can and then she jumps up and the treat fly in the air then she catches
    it in mid air 

  16. James Scott
    | Reply

    Does Zak have a video on puppy socialization and the good and bad signs to
    look out for?

  17. Alex Dobrowolska
    | Reply

    Are u the guy from the TV show?

  18. snowygaming
    | Reply

    Thanks for more trick vids! I love tricks because it keeps on building
    communication and me and my dog are all good thanks to you! Keep it up! :)

  19. Mimijona
    | Reply

    I taught Sit Pretty to my dog(9 years old) a few months ago, he doesn’t
    hold the pose that long, but he does it fast 🙂

    The thing that I found a bit challenging was the balance part, I have a big
    dog and senior, so he doesn’t jump much and he was trouble having holding
    his balance. What helped me was to hold his paws at first so it would
    easier for him at first.

    Also doing Sit Pretty is very important to be on a non-slippery floor,
    something like a big rug or grass, it will be much easier for your dog to
    keep balance and not slip.

  20. VUM
    | Reply

    Is 6 months old a good age to teach sit pretty? 

  21. Dani Abouzamel
    | Reply

    Hi I have a 10 month golden retro and when I leave him alone in the garden
    he barks and do not stop until I come an keep barking at people passing.
    Please help
    What should I do

  22. gabe david
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, my name is Gabriel Davis. Im 16 and im from long island ny. I have
    a 4 and a half month old newfoundland/rottweiler mix who has a few behavior
    issues. he makes it his life goal to get you completely covered in slober
    and once he is done with that he bites. He also likes to run around and
    jump on the couch and jump on u. he has knocked over several people before
    and its very frustrating. if he isnt running around, hes biting and he
    doesnt bite like a normal playful dog. he kinda barks and then bites you in
    your leg and then he just plops himself onto the ground. its cute and funny
    but its hurts alot. when you go to sit on the couch he charges full speed
    and launches himself at you and doesnt stop biting. he has caused my mom to
    bleed on more then 1 occasion. when its just me alone with him he normally
    listens but when you add people to the mixture he loses it and gets super
    excited. i know he isnt a high level energy dog because by the end of and
    hour walk im pretty much dragging him because hes so tired. i love him ive
    had hims since he was only 5 pounds and now at only 4 months hes alread
    64lbs! my fear is that he just wont stop biting and soon my mom will be
    done with it and get rid of him. i hope you can msg me back or make a video
    or something and if you do ill be in you debt. thank you! (he knows how to

  23. Karin Brown
    | Reply

    Awesome! I would love some help with our Staffy who licks me to death. He
    just can’t help himself! 

  24. Amine Bellanaya
    | Reply

    Finally a trick video !!!!! That’s Awesome Zak

  25. lisa stockley
    | Reply

    Lovely to see Alpha, Indie and Brie back in the videos! :)

  26. Abdell Atra
    | Reply

    My dog doesnt put his paw in my hand

  27. Rosalva Chacon
    | Reply

    Hey Zak I have a 3 month old puppy named Candy, she energetic and will
    bites no matter what, shes kind of potty trained but if we let her outside
    she just goes straight to our old dog who has long ears, she bites too hard
    that he yelps in pain can you help us? p.s can
    you a post video just about crate training, Candy cries all night and we
    did the same technique that you did can you help????

  28. sepehr m
    | Reply

    Hey Zack! I might be getting a dog but there are some considerations. where
    i live dogs are forbidden in whole country (can you guess where i live?). I
    live in a house with a small yard. and know i can walk and excersice it
    enough a day. but can i train a 3 months old puppy not to bark at all so i
    won’t get caught? I know barking is in their nature and 4 to 5 barks a day
    may be fine, but more than that it will bring troubles.Thanks for your
    great videos.they’re so informative. <3

  29. Gaby mejias
    | Reply

    Can you help me? I have a new puppy named Nina, she is a Cockapoo. I have
    already gotten her use to the crate, but she hates the play pen! We have a
    gate for her so she won’t feel so trapped, however she whines and barks all
    the time. And she never barks. I have tried training her like we did with
    the crate, and that was no help. I need her to like it before school
    starts. Even though someone will be home for 3 days, the other two days
    she’ll be alone for 6 hours! And I don’t want her to hate us for leaving
    her, or to hurt herself while we’re away. I am so scared that this will
    happen. How can I fix this! Please help!

  30. David Chong
    | Reply

    my dog does this but she just does it randomly. i think her previous owner
    taught her,

  31. Liz Marie
    | Reply

    I love this!

  32. Irish Saddlebred
    | Reply

    I taught this to my dog, but I call it “rise” so not to confuse it with

  33. chiara rosati
    | Reply

    Can you make a video on how to teach dog to hold object with paws?
    P.S: You’re great 😉 

  34. Holly Day In And Out
    | Reply

    I am sure this guy was in who let the dogs out..
    Anyway, thank you my dog is i guess ok… well we’re getting there.

  35. chiara rosati
    | Reply

    Can you make a video on how to teach dog to hold object with paws?
    P.S: You’re great 😉 

  36. Judy Bask
    | Reply

    Can you please do a potty training video 

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