Dog Training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

We heel, lie down, and stay in Mercer County with bird dog specialist Philippe Roca. Timely training tips help acclimate our hunting companions to shotgun blasts, bumpy rides and other essentials for success in the field this fall.

What do you think?

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17 Responses

  1. germ5150
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video. It is nice to see other WPG in action and to get training tips for versatile dogs. Thanks again.


  2. c856vnk
    | Reply

    Thanks, nice job. It’s great to see how different people train different ways.

  3. JurassicCat
    | Reply

    Very interesting!

  4. EchosFromaBlankMind
    | Reply

    Great video! Well done

  5. eskababe
    | Reply

    Excellent, & great understanding of working dogs.

  6. dubornaa
    | Reply

    Do you have your own line of videos out to train my own dog.. and if so were could i buy them at

  7. Tina4loveoflabs
    | Reply

    Nice Job on the video

  8. istkom
    | Reply

    Great and very pracital video. I usually do nearly thesame way, along the same principles.

    a gundog trainer in Hungary

  9. camcrazed
    | Reply

    Thank you that was very inspiring. Of course having those cute pups running around at your feet makes it al the more appealing :o) Good advice, thanks (From the owner of a Brittany)

  10. lapeppel
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great vid! Nice to see more approaches to gundog training. You ‘re having a great time with the pups! Keep em working! Love it man!

  11. beoptevryday
    | Reply

    best wire haired pointing griffon video i have ever seen..maybe i am missing the point because i don’t hunt….but have had my self a litter of these puppies…..and which i had seen this video before….thank you…it is really a great video…

  12. TheBris14
    | Reply

    my lab is 2 years old can i still train him to hunt

  13. rog0908
    | Reply

    what kind of breed are they?

  14. podobed45
    | Reply

    they are Wirehaired Pointing Griffons…probably THEE most versatile gun dog in the world.

  15. hellfire2go
    | Reply

    the griffon i have at home is learning how to be an attack dog

  16. popoaggie
    | Reply

    @hellfire2go You are joking, aren’t you? Hope you don’t breed it. This breed is known for it’s sweet disposition and being a family dog. Those of us who love this breed don’t want to see thst change.

  17. hellfire2go
    | Reply

    @popoaggie yes i am joking .he is learning to hunt.

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