Dog Training Videos: How to train your puppy not to bite

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. abby mcdowell says:

    Do you use a king for your dogs

  2. Dominic Traynor says:

    your shit cesar millan is so so so so soooo much better than you

  3. CinnnamontoastJay says:

    even if your dog doesn’t improve on this give home a treat for trying

  4. Caitlin Beatty says:

    U r still giving her a treat even if she is still doing it

  5. Diana Attwood says:

    This never should teeth touch human skin thing does clearly make sense, but it also blws Ian Dunbars bite inhibition training and mouth control out of the window, doesn’t it? I peronally see many reasons why a dog should be allowed to ommunicate with its mouth, not least because it is so natural for a dog to do so, so long as ontrol is built in.

  6. It is a good idea too start training asap especially if you don’t want your puppy too carry on behaviours. Yes the puppy doesn’t hurt you now but as it grows older it will start too bite harder (not intentionally) but harder nonetheless. All behaviours you want your dog too have as an adult should be re-inforced from the start so that your puppy has a stable environment and is not confused as it was fine yesterday but not today. Dogs are creatures of habit and routine is key.

  7. Kate Baldwin says:

    That doesnt make sense..

  8. Janice Christie says:

    how about dogs

  9. Habits1986 says:

    As far as I know it is not a good practice to let your dog take food from the ground. This will make him eat and swallow many things on the ground…

  10. Common sense

  11. Francisco Lopes says:

    How old does a puppy need to be for us to teach them this? ‘Cause my 3 month old puppy nibbles on our fingers a lot since some of her teeth are still emerging and we allow her to do it since she’s very gentle and it never really hurts. Should we wait for her to lose her baby teeth and have her adult teeth before teaching this or should we start redirecting the chewing already?

  12. all you managed to do is make me look at your hot ness , my dog keeps biting me and i think my puppy can eat yours mine is huge :D
    i love you

  13. Alex Popsie says:

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  14. Kelly Dawes says:

    Wow, I got a new puppy the other month and didn’t want to spend a fortune on taking him to puppy training classes etc, so after looking online for a while i found which is a really good online, step by step dog training program . I can’t stress enough how much this site has helped me.

  15. nancy hansen says:

    If you think this is a mouthy, bitey dog, you haven’t been training very long. Wind chime is V-E-R-Y annoying.

  16. 3PICupINh3re says:

    What if want my dog to bite something

  17. Chloe Vick says:

    were do you get the clicker thing from we just got a new puppy and i would like to get one

  18. Caiel Manuel says:

    Dalmatian and a human female

  19. Caiel Manuel says:

    I think its a Dalmatian

  20. Kellen Williams says:

    5 month old lab puppy. she is resource guarding biting attacking. how do I stop that if she is more interested in the item she has than any kind of treat.

  21. Haley Whitfield says:

    This was very helpful, thank you!

  22. I usually like your videos but this is stupid

  23. 4:40 what breed is that?

  24. Emmabeth1980 says:

    Clicking always means a treat follows, otherwise you de-value the clicker. The point is to capture the NON biting behaviour so she does not wait for the pup to bite, that would be setting the dog up to fail which is not positive training. The fast rate of reward is necessary and useful as we are capturing wanted behaviour to reinforce it.

  25. Does clicking mean he always gets a treat? and I’m guessing you only click when to reinforce positive behavior? so what if he starts nipping at your feet—do you just click and distract him with food? does he learn to nip at your feet to get food? Thx!

  26. Chancey Anthony says:

    Want to know the reason for that? Always set the dog up for success. The point of this video is to prevent the dog from biting you.

  27. i couldn’t even catch on to what she was doing with the clicker. if i can’t figure it out, how is a puppy going to? why was she clicking so fast? and why was she rewarding him? there was only like 1 second between treats.

  28. Paige Rettig says:

    She’s going to fast

  29. shes giving treats way too fast not even letting time for the dog to try and bite her

  30. Heather Whitehall-Thompson says:

    Wind chimes make it hard to hear what she is saying.

  31. normabarron32 says:

    Were do u get that clicking thing

  32. aubrey santos says:

    @Joonas It’s time for you to know exactly how to get your dog to understand what you are communicating to them.
    Go here ==>

  33. Michael Jordan says:

    thank you very much i have a pitbull and when i take hm anywhere he likes to play with the kids so he lunges torwards the child and as u stated the public doesnt like that so u help me alot and my landlord doesnt like pitbulls because they are sterotipicaly agressive dogs and she doesn’t want a lawsuit

  34. Chloe Smith says:

    I just want to say this is an excellent method, I personally think! I got a GSD puppy about a month and a half ago and we tried all the leave the room, ouch, redirect, etc. methods and they didn’t exactly work as well. I did a bit of this today and it worked very well for the first time! It seems very promising, thanks!

  35. Nathan Jenks says:

    I like the COPD cough in there.

  36. Faith Ridel says:

    Im 12 but shes my dog and im her “master” so is it ok for me to do the exercises with my dog?

  37. grace hughes says:

    this has really helped my 3 and a half month old boarder collie called jenson thanks alot!

  38. noedavidbanegas says:

    Ohh fuck u all faggets

  39. Carol Vielka Granados says:

    My dog recently but my 3year old cousin in the face, her was panting with her, and then she but him, she is a very calm and nice dog, and she’s never done that there any kind of training I can do to stop that? I’m rough with Eric and pick her up by her neck sometimes she really used to being roughly with, I don’t want her to bite my cousin again, so is there any advice? Oh, and she’s 1yr old and they Weren’t alone…

  40. Kellen Williams says:

    I’ve got a dominant Labrador for the second time out of 6. Im interested if anyone else has dealt with what would be an alpha I guess….lol. My first was a great dog but had to be queen with attitude. She lived 16 years and now I got another. My other is 8 weeks old

  41. Kenneth Cox says:

    my 7 month old dog will bite our arms off if we get near him when he has a treat or a sock he is quote on quote ‘guarding’. Can someone please help me? He is also taking our chairs, but yet when he DOESN’T have a treat or our clothing, he is the cutest thing as can be, I don’t want him to be like this in public. Can someone please help me?

  42. Cap'n Miyuki says:

    My 7 month old husky still tries to chew on hands, Ill do my very best to work with this method and get her to stop!

  43. We can’t hear youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

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