Dog Training – Use The Premack Principle For Dog Training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dog Training with the Premack Principle also known as Grandma’s Law is a great dog training principle that can help you train your dog when she is distracted. Watch this video to learn how. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. saxaphone1987
    | Reply

    I watched this is in psych class. It was awesome!

  2. KataliaKarshe
    | Reply

    Hey Eric,
    I love to watch your videos! They really help me with training my collies… The first video of your I watched was the loose leash walking and I was hitched to your dog training after that. I trained my 10 yr old horse for the last 5 yrs and I cant get over how similar dogs and horses learn.. I did the same walking exercise with her. I cant wait to try this with my girl to help her get over he chasing kids.
    Thank you so much!!!

  3. turbodogvonder
    | Reply

    very good premack example, for me and the squirrel situation won’t work, because her prey drive is too high. And she also jumped out a 6 ft glass window after them, when we leave they run up to the windows, hate them, I didn’t know why til I saw what they do when I go away in truck:(, but, very good example to one premack. thank you.

  4. quadfin1234
    | Reply

    You truly are amazing arn’t you!

  5. Blu182
    | Reply

    Not true. Depending on the breed, the prey drive may be too strong. A prey animal and cheese are two very, very different appealing items to the dog. Unlike cheese, the squirrel will run and the dog will most likely chase it. I don’t much like this method – more intelligent dogs may realize that they can get the food faster by ignoring you and pulling their way to the treat. :/ I am more important than anything to my dog – I made sure of that when she was young. My recall is completely solid.

  6. rashied86
    | Reply

    I wonder if your book comes also in other countries?! Such as Europe for example ?

  7. mikeyconlon
    | Reply

    LOL he said he can throw a tree on 1.51 lol

  8. eletendre1
    | Reply

    Haha – I did say that and never noticed it.

  9. kurtskee
    | Reply

    It was the sound quality of the video dont be so immature this guy is a genius, and he is giving out tips so immature retards like you can get the most out of there companions.

  10. mikeyconlon
    | Reply

    not bad or ennything ur doing a good thing just saying kepp it up

  11. jessweetca
    | Reply

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I have a real stubborn terrier puppy and I can’t wait to spend time with your techniques!

  12. SpaceAdventurer1
    | Reply

    No, he said he throws a TREAT.

  13. bl4cksm0ke
    | Reply

    Thanks for the explanation. It really clears things up about this principle. I’ve watched it being applied but didn’t have a good understanding until this video.

  14. MsMegF
    | Reply

    One question: If the dog responds to the voice after, say, going for a squirrel…you praise, and then what? Do you throw a treat out there for them instead. What’s the payoff in this case. I assume that going after the squirrel is something you don’t want them doing. Great video and I’m going to try it on my foster.

  15. jdfkid
    | Reply

    great vid great german shepherd

  16. OnlineDogTraining
    | Reply

    Is this like the Pack Leader principle that Doggy Dan talks about on his DogTrainingGuruOnline website?

  17. bloodtyredeyes
    | Reply

    so when i call my dog back and he comes should i give him a treat and prasie him then let him get the treat i originally threw.. or just praise him and then let him get the treat.. i notice u give him treats when he comes back when u call him..

  18. lowlightRN
    | Reply

    @mikeyconlon he said “throw a treat”

  19. Salvatronication
    | Reply

    I have a question , every time I command my dog to sit , he obeys and sits, but when I give him the treat he paws with one paw and won’t let me give him the treat , it’s like he wants to snatch it from my hand , I always have the treat firmly gripped with my thumb on top and my index holding the treat on the bottom so it won’t get snatched from my fingers, how do I get him to stop pawing me when I give him his reward? so I grab one paw so he won’t lift the other while praise him 4 the mean time

  20. Redberry686
    | Reply

    UWS Social science sent me here

  21. FPVSuperPersuit
    | Reply

    @mikeyconlon He said “treat”, not “tree”. I can see how you got confused with that one

  22. MaroodaKennels
    | Reply

    I tried it but it didn’t work, but it was the first time.

  23. MaroodaKennels
    | Reply

    you people are buttwipes, who cares what he said, just as long as you understood the point of the lesson, that is teaching your dog to come when called.

  24. MsZoraZ
    | Reply

    It’s similar to the leave-it command, except not only are you getting your dog to stop and look at you, but to come towards you.

  25. MsZoraZ
    | Reply

    I tried it with my dog, but she didn’t really seem to catch on even the 20th time, so next time I try it I will include the clicker.

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