Dog Training Tips : Why Dogs Jump Up

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Dogs jump on people for several reasons, including getting pet when they jump up. Learn more about why dogs jump up on people with tips from an animal behavior expert in this free dog training video. Expert: Donna Bainter Contact: Bio: Donna Bainter has been a feline and canine behavior trainer since 2000. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

What do you think?

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17 Responses

  1. janetmichel3009
    | Reply

    so you say what not to do, but still dont address how to stop a dog from jumping.
    from my own personal experience, i gotta say, stepping lightly on their back paws (just slightly touching with my foot) helped the best! but i can see how some dogs would think of that as a game…
    ignoring has never worked for me. only gave me some nice scratches on the backs of my legs!

  2. quichivette
    | Reply

    I don’t know what size dog you have, mine is a Cairn Terrier Mix and she likes to poke my heels as I walk away from her. My mom suggest that when she does that, that I should kick my foot back a bit higher than normal when walking, sorta like to shove her off. Maybe try that? Of course, if your dog is a big dog, it might not work so well. Just a thought. =)

  3. janetmichel3009
    | Reply

    yup, that’s pretty much what i did…. works well… 🙂

  4. babylover277
    | Reply

    i got a pitbull puppy and it jumps on me and im only 106 pounds so i basically git pushed down and i git up and walk away and the dog sits and then i pet it and then when i come up it sits and i pet it so now it dont jump no more ignoring worked for me

  5. Abhorsen117
    | Reply

    ignoring actually is pretty hard to do correctly you need to not look at it not touch it and not talk to it and it may never have succes and afcourse you should tell it what it should do. that canb e done by giving it attention when it is not jumping

  6. Chell1246
    | Reply

    Dont kick your dog in the face. If you do that i will see whatyour doing a a game and bitedown harder on your foot when you pull away.

  7. nick00580
    | Reply

    When my father comes home my dog jumps up to him that’s because he’s happy.

  8. 1022amy
    | Reply

    So what shall we do when a dog jumps??

  9. zergling6000
    | Reply

    jumping up on is dominating behavior to dogs. use a claw hand or just one finger and gently jab at its belly when it jumps up on you. this mimics a bite and makes the dog back down

  10. alanha11
    | Reply

    cesar mialin would tap the bottom or near the butt with your feet

  11. LuckieGurl14
    | Reply

    I need to post this outside my front door because everyone thinks they should pet the dog when she jumps!

  12. nicolenadia1
    | Reply

    OK so when are you going to show us how to break this behavior? Is E How just a collection of videos that are a synopsis of symptoms instead of how to cure them? Seems that way….

  13. Sayonara69
    | Reply

    I have the same problem. I ask my friends not to pet him and they just ignore it and say: “but he’s so cute” 🙁

  14. Sayonara69
    | Reply

    Other vids tell you to clip your knees or to hold their paws hard.

  15. 1022amy
    | Reply

    My dog is almost as tall as I am when he stands on his hind legs. How can I clip him in the belly?

  16. angroidangren
    | Reply

    Agree! Useless as video. Should be audiobook! ))

  17. melissacarl2002
    | Reply

    oh no, i pet my dog. Now he’s a maniac!

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