Dog Training Tips : Tips for Calming Down a Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn how to calm down your dog by touching him lightly or giving him a quick tug; learn more tips on walking dogs in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. al7omed134
    | Reply

    its best to tug the dog sideways so he loses balance.. when tugging him feom the back you’ll be just giving him more force to pull

  2. Madagasmask
    | Reply

    In the kennels we shut the door. We don’t stress the leash at all, we shut the door fast, and the dog walks back. Each attempt to get up and we shut the door again. Until when we open the door, the dog stays perfectly still and waits for the person to walk out, before following.

  3. 75801Tammy
    | Reply

    i don’t use a leash I’ve tought my dog to wait on command and now she knows I always enter or exit any new area before her.

  4. CrookedSpunk
    | Reply

    That is true, but tugging up is the best techique, I’ve heard from many dogtrainers. It blocks them. 🙂

  5. wolfpet2
    | Reply

    what if your dogs deaf and cant wear a leash coz it has a neck condition then what

  6. AshlieeIsHere
    | Reply

    your dog is fucked 😛 im joking… you have problems with that then….

  7. joeyloka24
    | Reply

    why cant they use a untrained dog and train it??

  8. sc4rzpur3
    | Reply

    how can u tug a dog sideways properly if his pulling you?

  9. al7omed134
    | Reply

    you anticipate your dog before pulling ex(his ears stand up, hair stands up, dog looking all sides) then you tug him. if the dog did already pull you then you can tap in between his back legs to redirect his attention to you… a dog should never be infront of you atanytime so it would be easier for you toanticipate his moves and tug him otherwise if he was in front of you, it will be too late where he becomes the pack leader and it will harder for you to tug..

  10. sc4rzpur3
    | Reply

    ever had the breed patterdale terrier? their hunting crazy and go at anything fury his allways on alert for something are strong dogs for their size. untill u can stop a dog of that breed come back to me.

  11. al7omed134
    | Reply

    are saying is that you can’t so what your patterdale terrier dog?? i am a dog trainer and i can walk any dog any breed without going crazy due to the leadership and calm energy i release to the dog + if you cant control your type of breed on a walk than you can buy them a weight back pack so it could tire them quicker or even let them run on a treadmil for 30 min to release extra unwanted energy and then you can go on to your walk where you state your leadership on the dog.

  12. sc4rzpur3
    | Reply

    so yeh i go buy a tredmill so my dog can run on it -.-.?you obviously have never handled this breed. come train my dog free of charge and ill reccomend you to everybody i know.

  13. padgo98
    | Reply

    hi, my pug is about 7 months but is wild, and cant be calmed down when in our sitting room, its the only room he is crazy in, any ideas.

  14. mechquestplayer
    | Reply

    then use a body harness

  15. hobahfish
    | Reply

    dogs can have fun they just have to be understood

  16. theright2kill
    | Reply

    my beagle is wierd the way i calm him down is get my mobile radio and puts KROQ its pretty funny

  17. mattfox14
    | Reply

    What about if ypur dog is jumping about allover the place going absoluty mental, biting the lead and getting it rapped rouns his legs, the tug does nothing

  18. perfectparodys
    | Reply

    @mattfox14 act very calm

  19. hannahunney
    | Reply

    I guess they don’t know the “stay off the couch” boundary.

  20. meganc13896
    | Reply

    no, but you have to claim the ‘couch’ as yours, so if YOU want to sit down on the ‘couch’ then you can, after all you are the leader.

  21. silllywabbit
    | Reply

    i have a 14 week old chocalate lab/pitbull mix hes extremely crazy and wild and snaps and bites hes been spayed but he just wont calm down and hes getting big fast any ideas on how to calm him and to get him to stop peeing and pooping in the house?

  22. ChrisMagoo99
    | Reply

    @hannahunney if he lets his dogs on the couch that’s his business.

  23. aragamii
    | Reply

    I just tell my dog to wait.. and he will wait until I call him again..

  24. shnerf1234
    | Reply

    My puppy just runs forward and wont stop on walks so the leash is always tight and i dont know how to get her to walk beside me

  25. HerzogsShoe
    | Reply

    Video should be called “How to get your already calm dog who already knows how to sit, to sit near the front door”.

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