Dog Training Tips : Misconceptions of Walking a Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Don’t let your dog’s shoulders go past your leg when walking your dog, you need to be the leader of the pack; learn more tips on dog walking in this free pet obedience video. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. doggies2win
    | Reply

    LMAOOO Gidizz

  2. dannytheahole
    | Reply

    great info ill try it

  3. rodbaker
    | Reply

    I’m no dog trainer, but that don’t look like any fun at all. I have a 25 foot leash and my dog wonders all around, in front, and behind. But he I promise you he knows who is Alpha, wherever he is walking. I walk a steady pace and he knows to catch-up or slow down to stay with me. If the dog can’t wonder a little bit and pee on every sign post and bush, why even take him? Seems to me there are a lot more important points to establish Alpha than who is walking in front. Just my thoughts

  4. gratefulstride
    | Reply

    You are missing the purpose of “the walk”. It is not about freedom or fun. It is about bonding with your dog. Dogs bond when walked side by side in this way. It taps into their pack psychology and causes a meditation type state. Freedom and fun comes later when you get to a park or back yard to play. If you allow a dog to run wild on the walk you are not bonding with it. You are just the dumb shmuck holding the end of the leash…sad by true. That is how your dog will see it. ….happy walking.

  5. bootifulbeck
    | Reply

    oi you! don’t pull your dog eh how would you like it if i yanked ya old big fat head in the air you wouldn’t so don’t u ideot

  6. wazwolf
    | Reply

    Why is this such a polar topic? It depends on your dog. If your dog arouses easy, you correct him/her often. Pulling the leash like he is in the video is fine.

    If your dog is the type that listens to your every command, then let him/her walk wherever. Rodbaker is correct to a degree about times to play Alpha. Again, depends on the temperament.

  7. wazwolf
    | Reply

    I have a pit bull that I walk without a leash. People joke that he is attached to my hip since he’ll wander around about 20 feet and constantly make sure I’m still there.

    If I move, he is right there to make sure he isn’t left behind. Other dogs, animals, toys, food, people, etc. he won’t bother unless I give him the “ok”. Best dog ever.

  8. freeaspirit
    | Reply

    dude, you are NOT Cesar!

  9. ElleOhElleHilarious
    | Reply

    sounds like my female black lab.

  10. tutumaShell
    | Reply

    rodbaker, I think your kind of dog walking is probably more stimulating for the dog and therefore good for it’s mental health. I do the same thing but I have also taught my dogs that when I say “heal”, its time to to gather again at my left hand side until notified they can again explore and mark territory.

  11. nicolenadia1
    | Reply

    What, is Cesar the only person in the world allowed to train dogs? Jeeze, get over yourself.

  12. naterd00d
    | Reply

    nice mountain range

  13. darrelhager
    | Reply

    Those sound like tap dancin’ shoes!

  14. simonrecd
    | Reply

    Alpha! Corrections! Pack Leader?
    Would you get in this decade and reseach animal behavior. Read ASVBA statement about the myth of dominance in dogs by the leading Veternarian Behavior Specialist. No more Expertvillage for me when they are teaching crap that is 20years old.

  15. fullpawtential
    | Reply

    I haven’t found one Expert Village video with someone who has knowledge about the subject their teaching.

  16. Nicole7Queshua
    | Reply

    wazwolf: right on. Depends on the breed, too. My huskies would feel like the sky was falling if they weren’t allowed to do their “jobs” and walk ahead of me. I don’t discourage them as long as they aren’t beligerently pulling; after all, when we run, harnesses on both of them and their leashes attached to the ring on my belt, the idea is for them to pull me, and it would be really confusing if sometimes they are SUPPOSED to be in front, and then sometimes I pull them back to my hip.

  17. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    Look at that dog’s tail and ears. He is intimidated and anxious. Poor fellow! Compare his demeanor with a dog that’s been taught to walk on loose leash without being jerked around: watch?v=sFgtqgiAKoQ

  18. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    @fullpawtential sez, “I haven’t found´╗┐ one Expert Village video with someone who has knowledge about the subject they’re teaching.”

    I would go even further and say that I haven’t seen one video from any of the “how to” websites that wasn’t flat-out wrong. It’s not just videos about dog training either.

  19. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    That “pack leader” stuff is nonsense. Not that it matters, but wild dogs (wild, not feral) travel in families comprising a breeding pair and their offspring. Adolescents leave home and attempt to start their own families. “Parent” is a much better metaphor than “pack leader.” Good parents do not jerk their children by the neck nor intimidate them.

  20. gorealestate
    | Reply

    Fix the damn mike!!

  21. gorealestate
    | Reply

    Fix the damn mike!! HORRIBLE!

  22. Diabolik771
    | Reply

    @JiveDadson “Nonsense?” You are on another planet. I bet your dogs if you have any don’t listen to you and rule the house.

  23. JiveDadson
    | Reply

    @Diabolik771 How much? How much do you want to bet? I have a video on my channel from a couple of months ago of them doing “sit” with distance and duration. It was made four months after I took them in when they were strays, and they acted like that Tasmanian Devil cartoon character. The business about dominance and “alpha” dogs is pure bunk. The man who made the mistake originally, and invented the term “alpha” says he deeply regrets it. He is the world’s foremost authority on wolves.

  24. rygrystaldrigrist
    | Reply

    The dog should be able to walk with a looser leash if it were properly trained. If the leash is slacking, praise the dog

  25. theBlue123498
    | Reply

    this guy is going waaay too hard on dogs. give em a break there.

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