Dog Training Tips : How to Train Your Dog to Greet You

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn how to properly train your dogs to greet you and how to handle excited dogs when you get home in this free pet obedience video, taught by a dog trainer. Expert: Ryan Gwilliam Bio: Ryan Gwilliam has trained over 10 dogs. He specializes in obedience training. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. addicted0to0you
    | Reply

    I like when my dog is jumping and when he’s excited when I come home,why should I ignore him when he is so happy to see me….it is stupidity….

  2. TheCrazySweed
    | Reply

    I work all day so when I get home to my dog I pet the shit outta that motherfucker! LOL, in other words, I can’t resist. I have a blue nose Pitbull, he’s 9 months old

  3. DinosaurPajamas
    | Reply

    his dogs dont even like him lol

  4. el5pk
    | Reply

    he seems to keep his dogs more as a responsibility than for the love of dogs..but he’s still right

  5. sofieraw
    | Reply

    No,he’s getting the responsibility part out of the way,so the rest of their lives they’ll get all his love an nothing but praise for their good-behaviour.There WILL be accidents.But,as long as praise outweighs punishment dogs do great.Besides,everyone knows that you excersise the heck out of your dogs to sap their energy.For a few reasons tired dogs are really obedient dogs.And news-flash: Pets are the biggest responsibilities,next to children,and caring for people who can’t care for themselves.

  6. sofieraw
    | Reply

    His dogs are like that because he’s really calm around them,and doesn’t talk much to them except when he’s repremanding them.They could be falsely reading the fluctations in his voice at times.They’re young though,they’ll get used to it.If he was hitting them and also lavishing praise on them when they were good you still might not see that he hit them…But,I don’t think thats the problem here…They look bored,or just done having a romp and are cooling down(GREAT time to film a video,huh?)

  7. zergling6000
    | Reply

    he’s displaying how your dogs should be: calm, submissive and relaxed

  8. wenchiang12
    | Reply

    Common sense tell us that too much anxiety is not good for your dog. So peeps here who don’t understand the need of doing what the trainer says, try changing to cats instead.

    I like your pit bulls btw. It is great to see a trainer owning two pit bulls. 🙂

  9. littlepersians
    | Reply

    i did that exact thing… by accident 😛

  10. MissRecess
    | Reply

    heh heh … oops XD

  11. monafigtree5
    | Reply

    Ryan is right, he understands that dogs aren’t people and when we treat them like people we end up with dogs that nobody wants to be around. When he ignores them upon entering the house, he is letting them know that he expects certain things from them. He gives them a job. A dog loves routine and consistency. Anyone who wants the chaos is insecure about themselves. They need the dog to display what they think is “love”. You need to think about how weird that is. Do as Ryan says. He’s right.

  12. Doggy92211
    | Reply

    This is SO LAME! His dogs don’t even like him. If you ignore your dogs they will think you don’t care about them.

  13. princesspudtassja
    | Reply

    thats true

  14. Nonvm
    | Reply

    That guy is cute

  15. BlastBurnEX
    | Reply

    I guess this prevents them from jumping on you, but jumping up to me feels like he’s saying “hey man, where you been?” over “your here…what ever..” but I agree with this guy, to make the dogs more civilized toward others entering your home.

  16. teenagasdontcry
    | Reply

    So what your trying to say is that petting them gives them a sign of award that tells them that they need to repeat there actions correct? So I should just avoid them when they’re doing this so that they understnad that it’s ok to be excitd but no too excited I get it thank you.

  17. rosariofan101
    | Reply

    my dog chewed up a cord and i spanked him really hard i apoligized later and he never did it again

  18. IgotmyeyeonU
    | Reply

    @SameJeansOn4 are u a boy???

  19. IgotmyeyeonU
    | Reply


  20. IgotmyeyeonU
    | Reply

    @MissRecess i want to have sex with u

  21. blumuzikqueen01
    | Reply

    @monafigtree5 I agree with you totally. Ryan makes alot of sense in all of his videos. I have a mix breed (rat terrier/minature snouser) and he’s really hyper active and everytime I use this technique he calms down instantly. I have little 2 no experience with dog training (this is my 1st dog) but Ryan’s lectures really help me understand my dog so that I may teach him 2 understand me when he is given a command.

  22. troyj14
    | Reply

    He uses methods like Cesar Millan, you know the dog whisperer. You have to understand dogs psychologically. Like putting them in a calm, submissive state and making sure they know you are the one in charge.

  23. FENDI247
    | Reply

    FUK U

  24. kcMusicKcc
    | Reply

    Fuck You Nigga

  25. kcMusicKcc
    | Reply

    @rosariofan101 i did that to my puppy too

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