Dog Training Tips : How to Train Your Dog to Come Back When Called

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

To train a dog to come back when called, use a long-line leash and tug on it after saying the dog’s name. Keep dogs safe and train a dog to come back with tips from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience. Expert: Ty Brown Contact: Bio: Ty Brown has been a dog trainer for over 10 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

What do you think?

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15 Responses

  1. tazapanta
    | Reply

    my dog just don’t give a damn… she walks outm she walks in…

  2. Shakespearluver
    | Reply

    thankz 😀 hope this works with my doggie…cause i swear he main goal in life is to do the exact oppisite of what i want him to do 0.0 xD

  3. IloveDogTraining
    | Reply

    perfect this really was really good and helped a lot

  4. alex01avi
    | Reply

    hahahahaha thats very funny

  5. gameiohfreak
    | Reply

    nice training video,whats the best way to react if you are calling your dog and he ignores you,any ideas??

  6. Austenbass
    | Reply

    well what i did was train her that her name means “run to me” since the day i got her as a pup. in every dif situation and environment i could, friends houses, around other dogs(really important), parties, picnics, dif parks than our regular one, etc. i still do for no reason at all sometimes just to keep her on her toes and she comes runnin. it’s like this guy said, once something is hardwired in their brain, its pretty much in there

  7. Falasapphira
    | Reply

    Give a little tug on their line, if they still don’t come turn around and run in the opposite direction, tug on the leash again. That should work if not just keep pulling them in like you’re reeling in a fish xD Some dogs are stubborn and the last thing they want to do is come (my husky is sometimes like that). The more you work with them though the better they will get, it takes a lot of consistency!

  8. 1tahoesky
    | Reply

    Very nice…I like that this trainer doesn’t use treats – other than affection- to get the dog to come.

    Seems simple; and effective.

  9. klkbabyloka
    | Reply

    aahhhhhhhhhhhh im getting frustrated because my husky scaped and when i call him he thinks im playing a game and runs even farther all over the neighborhood and comes whenever he wants…..any help???

  10. candydod1231
    | Reply

    can u do one to teach your dog not to run after a car

  11. MagicMarky20
    | Reply

    “here he comes… he comes running” HAHA thats what she said

  12. Sahbisun
    | Reply

    My dog will obey come as long as we’re in the house or backyard…she ran off a few times. (Kids leaving the gate open) she will not obey my commands if she’s beyond the front door…why the different behavior on the outside- open areas- parks etc?

  13. patrick567891011
    | Reply

    how can i teach my dog to stay close to me

  14. guy2932
    | Reply

    @Sahbisun At home there is obviously nothing more rewarding for your dog to do. You calling may be for food, attention etc. and so your dog comes. Once outside there are plenty of new, exciting things to do. You shouting come often means back on the leash. You need to practice getting your dog back to you when you are out and there is little distraction and make it worth her while. Give her treats, play with a ball or whatever motivates her. If you don’t train it you wont get it.

  15. guy2932
    | Reply

    This video is ok for the very start of recall training but you need to find something more exciting for your dog to come back for than just a pat or at the first signs of something more exciting elsewhere your recall will fail. Repetition alone will not get you a good recall. You need to reinforce the behaviour by giving the dog something it values. Play with a ball, food, a tug toy, whatever they like.

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