Dog Training Tips : How to Train an Attack Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Training an attack dog should be done under professional supervision with someone that knows the dog breed. Find out more about training an attack dog with tips from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience. Expert: Ty Brown Contact: Bio: Ty Brown has been a dog trainer for over 10 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. bendraven1
    | Reply

    This dumb guy doesn’t even give you tips on how to train your dog. Instead, it takes him almost 1 minute and 30 seconds to give us advice on choosing a trainer to train your dog. What an idiot!! He didn’t tell me anything that I don’t know.

  2. totallyaussiemaddog
    | Reply

    @LilShifty69- lol @refuel829 – mate, your dog is too young to teach or expect any confident protection. At his age get him use to basic commands and random people and children and ruff play like tuff-of-war as a reward. Wait for him to show signs of territorial or protective traits before you start that type of training. Your breed will be at least 2 years old before this type of advanced training. Any effort to do it before he is ready will retard his confidence and better judgement.

  3. SnowBroProductions
    | Reply

    i thought the dog is never supposed to bite “Your Sleeve”
    doesnt that screw them up

  4. loftibasso
    | Reply

    that means you don’t wanna show us any tip for free, do ya?

  5. gohan2oo6
    | Reply

    just wasted 1.30 minutes of our life…

  6. DukeCreator
    | Reply

    This is stupid. It should be more of, “please don’t train your dog how to attack if there isn’t a professionalism. Retarded video.

  7. pokemon1450
    | Reply

    @gohan2oo6 ya we did

  8. jjzzz414
    | Reply

    ass hole

  9. makork9
    | Reply

    A lot of the expertvillage videos on dog training doesnt really teach anything, its more like they just show one aspect, in this video all they did was define prey and defense thats it. Also, dog is biting with its front teeth and with a minimal amount of pressure this shows the dog will release when push comes to shove.

  10. SisterRennie
    | Reply

    i would like to hire you or someone you have working for you… I live colse enough to Utah please contact me back I have also contacted another trainer but he too is far away I can’t find anyone near my own town.. I am going to push the like button so you will have me on your face book… thanks please write soon I will inbox you!

  11. sldaweesh
    | Reply


  12. GGIOGON34
    | Reply

    ive seen so many fkn videos of u today and all u do is try to make us buy somethin from ur website in order for u to teach us

  13. 0416batman
    | Reply

    The title “How to train an attack dog” is innappropriate for this video. It was only an advise to owners who may want their dogs trained as protection dog

  14. kimtan2009
    | Reply

    Another Misleading Title to this BS video .. should be titled … Do and Donts … I would not use this idiot if he is misleading on his videos .. he could be misleading
    in other facets of your dog training .. once a bullshitter always a bullshitter … keep that in mind…

  15. kimtan2009
    | Reply

    This idiot really pisses me off…

    Takes long time of training …. dammm I expected one min .. thanks
    Get a Professional …. dammm I thought you was one, thanks for the warning.
    Liability …. Your breating isn’t that one… if you can train a dog to that level Im sure you would have a clue on dog behavior … thanks expert village another excellent video for the mentally handicapped..

  16. lightenlynx
    | Reply


  17. jahsimalonzo
    | Reply

    lame ass fat motherfucker… choke yourself still…………..

  18. dorry18
    | Reply

    @jahsimalonzo lmfaooooooooooo

  19. enriquearlequin9
    | Reply

    umm I beg to differ on the “many people think cause your dog loves you they’ll protect you” comment I have 6 dogs the most protective one at the moment is my 13 Year old Chihuahua we found her she almost got ran over by a bus she protects me from people she even knows if you jump at me she bites you simple as that I have 2 AB’s i’m working on right now

  20. MrKingdonkey100
    | Reply

    listen dick ed u don’t tell us anything we need to know

  21. MrAmericanboss
    | Reply


  22. hiperanimallover
    | Reply

    my pomeranian protected me from a rotweiller

  23. mlmm12
    | Reply

    @MrAmericanboss why???

  24. moulderdude
    | Reply

    how does this help us?

  25. janelle347
    | Reply

    i really want to teach my dog how to attack but all of the video’s dont help

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