Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Husky Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

When training a husky, remember that these dogs can be stubborn and destructive. Train a husky with tips from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience. Expert: Ty Brown Contact: Bio: Ty Brown has been a dog trainer for over 10 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Fellable
    | Reply


    Ah, I don’t line in Calgary, but in Chestermere (A town outside of Calgary) and my home is right on the outskirts, and I go running usually everyday in the morning and afternoon in the neighboring fields, along with other dog owners and people running. I’ve also seen a few Huskies around here. We are pretty much on the acres, so I think he would be great. : )

  2. Fellable
    | Reply

    I don’t live*

  3. msopy
    | Reply

    It should be great as long as he can unwind somewhere. I always felt bad in calgary cause when you see them run, you know they should never be tied up. You wont regret it, you may curse them some days but i love mine to death even after all he has put me through haha. He ran away for ten days in the cape breton highlands and was on the doorstep when i woke up. ate a dead gannet this summer and threw up feathers all over the place. you will have no shortage of stories i promise ha.

  4. Yonwolf
    | Reply

    Whoever says Huskies are hard to train is a little on the unintelligent side.
    My Husky is my first legitimate dog, And i will say that he can be a hand full sometimes. he is Very well trained, knows numerous commands, and is in line to undergo training to become a search and rescue dog. They have more Energy than they know what do do with for sure. I bring Him to a fenced in park and he will run the track with me. They are Great dogs,Shed a lot, but overall I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

  5. 4evercowgirl
    | Reply

    huskies are hard to train. my sister has a husky and she showed him in obedience for our 4h club dog show. and our dog train said he was one of the best she has seen cause they are hard to train

  6. xero2407
    | Reply

    I got a husky, but got her from 7 months old and the old trainer had already given her some bad habits.. Finding it really hard to break some of them.. I realize they’re working dogs, n i love her to bits, but im gettin frustrated at myself for not being the leader of the pack almost. Anyone out there got some tips.. (real tips from real husky owners not generic ideas from wannabe experts..? )

  7. Kasiulica87
    | Reply

    Bullshit! Huskies are JUST destructive you don’t do ANYTHING with him and if you don’t challange him enough… GRRR!
    Hate this “EXPERTS”!

  8. InitialDirt
    | Reply


  9. toothpic35
    | Reply

    where’s the damn husky? 🙁

  10. tottoke5
    | Reply

    Hey, can you help i rly want a husky and where going to get one but i know they love to sled is there any alternative becaus there’s no snow in the summer :s

  11. BlueCookieLover
    | Reply

    …..i have a jack russel…..and i wanna train him buh im only 11 so i need really good info

  12. wq47Dyami
    | Reply

    if he thinks he’s an “expert” than i must be a rabid possum.

  13. wq47Dyami
    | Reply

    if he thinks he’s an “expert” than i must be a rabid possum.
    There is no husky … i doubt he’s ever even seen one

  14. wq47Dyami
    | Reply

    if he thinks he’s an “expert” than i must be a rabid possum.
    There is no husky … i doubt he’s ever even seen one

  15. allyc2007
    | Reply

    @azaa101 These are the words of an inexperienced owner/trainer. Dogs are denning animals, and done properly dogs (any breed) love their crates. Crates should never be used as a “time out” or a form of punishment–they are a safe, secure place a dog can go when he wants to relax. Most times a dog will choose his crate over the couch or an open spot on the floor IF DONE CORRECTLY.

  16. allyc2007
    | Reply

    Honestly, this was not very informative–but what do you expect from “free” advice? What he said was mostly correct in general terms, but didn’t really target huskies as a breed. Huskies can be willful and stubborn, and don’t have the same desire to please their owners as many sporting/herding breeds. Their reaction to harsh methods is either A) aggression or B) shutting down, so an incentive-based training approach (no free lunch!) with a clear leadership role is best for these guys.

  17. azaa101
    | Reply

    @allyc2007 yes lets resort to insults when i own 4 sibes please do, i am not suggesting creates are bad shit i own one, but they should not be used the way this video suggests, as for denning a husky will view a corner or a side of the bed as a den.

  18. azaa101
    | Reply

    @tottoke5 you dont have to sled a husky, just exercise plus in summer you can use a
    dry land rig or a scooter! super fun!!

  19. azaa101
    | Reply

    @allyc2007 aggression out of a husky? gud luck! a husky will ignor you or do it once to shut you up, they wont become aggressive they are the most passive dogs if anything they will sulk and try make you feel bad. but you are correct it is far from informative.

  20. killkayla
    | Reply

    igot a husky as a gift he is having trouble house training he knows go to bed, sit, lay down,shake at 5 months old. how long will it take to house brake him?i take him out 5 times a day but he will hold it in his crate for 6 hours. if he goes on the floor we take him out right after he finishes cuz if we try to move him he just walks and pees, any sugestions? i bought him a treadmill to run on and he loves to run on it because i live in florida and most of the time during the summer its to hot.

  21. imkool0316
    | Reply

    husky ? where ? i never knew husky is bald ?

  22. Violet88ful
    | Reply

    wow, worst “advise” ever…If u are able to train a husky well, they can be the most sweeyest, dociles dogs ever…U jst need to assert urelf , they are like little children that always want everything and have tons of energy..

  23. P0rtilla
    | Reply

    @azaa101 My neighboors have a husky that almost killed my beagle, hadn’t I been there and interfered. They CAN be aggresive if not given companionship and the right amount of exercise/space.

  24. XNuMetalX
    | Reply

    how can I train my husky not to dig in my yard?? He is 5 months old and he is always destroying my mom’s plants, and she is starting to hit him with a belt =S
    I take him to run two t imes a day, and spend almost all my time taking care of him, but when he is alone on the yard for 10 minutes he makes a mess

  25. georgep323
    | Reply

    @redtaco900 lmao….

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